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Daily duties when working as a warehouse operative can vary depending on what industry you work in and the size of the warehouse. Warehouse operative employers will expect you carry out many different duties, meaning you will be expected to be flexible and open to new tasks.

Some warehouse operative jobs may require you to operate various machinery, including motorised vehicles, hand-held digital devices and cleaning equipment. General duties for people working as a warehouse operative can include:

  • Picking stock according to order
  • Loading and unloading stock from trucks
  • Cleaning and maintaining working areas
  • Packing and unpacking stock

The good news is that most warehouse operative jobs do not require you to have any formal qualifications or previous experience. Furthermore, most warehouse employers will provide full training on the job, including helping you gain professional qualifications in health & safety and areas such as fork-lift truck driving.

Previous experience will of course help you in such roles, but you will likely not be penalised if you do not have any. Because warehouse operative jobs can involve lifting and other manual work, employers want candidates to be physically fit. Other skills required for those working as a warehouse operative include attention to detail, ability to work alone and as part of team and good communication skills.

Warehouse operative jobs can provide good career prospects if you are a quick learner and willing to work hard. People working as a warehouse operative are often given the opportunity to learn new skills and study for industry-related qualifications. Career advancement can include promotion to more senior positions, such as warehouse team leader, warehouse supervisor and warehouse manager.

Long-term job stability is also good in this sector, with an increasing number of warehouse operative employers and jobs to be found in most major towns and cities across the UK. As such, working as a warehouse operative can be a great way to begin a career in a sector that is showing strong growth, and which can offer some excellent opportunities to develop.

As with any position, there are a number of pros and cons to warehouse operative jobs. Firstly, starting salaries can be low in these positions, with many paying the minimum wage. However, salaries can raise with experience, whilst some shifts, such as nights and weekends, may offer higher hourly wages. Many warehouse jobs can also be physically demanding, requiring you to stand for long periods of time, as well as lift and move stock that can sometimes be heavy.

Regarding the positives of working as a warehouse operative, perhaps the biggest is that you can enter the industry without having any experience of qualifications. Furthermore, many warehouse employers will provide full job training, as well as allow you to gain professional qualifications that can be easily transferred to other jobs should you want to. Flexible working hours, opportunities to work overtime and long-term job security are just some of the other advantages to warehouse operative jobs.

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