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116 A&e Nurse Jobs Found

A&E nurses work in the emergency departments of hospitals and are often the first contact for patients entering hospital. Working as an A&E nurse can be very challenging, with the role often highly pressurised and requiring you to see and attend to patients suffering from a wide variety of conditions, often in difficult and upsetting circumstances. There are approximately 180 NHS hospitals in England with A&E departments, with roughly 24 million people attending these in total in 2017/18. As the health sector continues to grow, an increasing number of A&E nurse jobs are becoming available, with many people drawn to the important role and responsibility the position provides, as well as the many opportunities to develop professionally.

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A&E nurse jobs involve many different aspects, with the daily routine of those working as an A&E nurse varying significantly, often by the hour. Often the first point of contact with a patient, you will be required to assess them, including taking vital information such as temperature and blood pressure. Following this, it is the responsibility of an A&E nurse to establish what is wrong with the patient and direct them to the right place for care. In addition, your duties as an A&E nurse will also include regularly checking on a patient’s progress and helping them until they are ready to be discharged. As a result of all this, A&E nurse jobs can be very demanding, with a lot of responsibility being placed on individuals working as an A&E nurse.

A&E nurse employers obviously place an emphasis on qualifications, with the position requiring a nursing qualification, often in the form of a three-year BSc undergraduate degree. Various specialist areas of study exist for those working as an A&E nurse, including adult, child and mental heal nursing. Such qualifications are essential for A&E nurse jobs, and you will not be considered for a role without this qualification. In terms of personal qualities that attractive to A&E nurse employers, strong interpersonal skills are desirable, as is patience, flexibility and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations. A&E nurse jobs exist throughout the UK, with all major cities and the majority of large towns having access to A&E departments. Such flexibility in terms of location is appealing to many people seeking to enter the sector, with A&E nurse employers found throughout the country.

Career prospects for those working as an A&E nurse are good, with the position considered stable in terms of long-term employment, as well as benefitting from clear professional development paths. Those working as an A&E nurse begin with a phase called preceptorship, during which newly registered nurses further develop their fundamental skills in patient care. Once successfully completed, nurses can then progress to a variety of roles, including ward sister and nurse consultant. A&E nurse jobs can also lead to a number of career options, with numerous A&E nurse employers found in different sectors, with options for those working as an A&E nurse including moving into management and more specialist treatment roles.

Other career options for those working as an A&E nurse include transferring to different wards within a hospital and switching to the private sector. Many A&E nurse employers can be found in the private sector, including A&E nurse jobs on cruise ships and at large holiday venues. Further opportunities include working overseas work for organisations such as the Red Cross. A&E nurse employers in the public sector offer salaries between £24,000 – £30,000, with A&E nurse jobs in London often providing a higher wage. With experience, wages for those working as an A&E nurse can rise to £37,000, whilst senior positions such as matron and nurse consultant can demand salaries up to £70,000.

There are many pros and cons to working as an A&E nurse. You will naturally be playing an important role in many people’s lives; with some decisions you make having very real consequences. Therefore, the position can be very rewarding from a personal point of view, with A&E nurse jobs providing individuals with incredible experiences and skills that will benefit them. From a practical point of view, salaries can be good, with many A&E nurse employers located throughout the UK, providing much more freedom in terms of locations for those considering working as an A&E nurse. Demanding workloads means those working as an A&E nurse will have to multitask practically all the time, whilst the need to work shifts, and the obvious emotional distress involved in such a role can also be off-putting for many.