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4 Aat Accountant Jobs Found

AAT Accountant jobs can be found across the UK. The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) is the world’s leading accounting technician professional body. It has an estimated 150,000 members worldwide, with approximately 4,000 licensed AAT accountants operating in the UK. The AAT qualification takes roughly three-years to obtain and enables graduates to work as accounting technicians.
Nearly 80% of FTSE 100 companies employ an AAT apprentice in their finance divisions. Keep reading to learn more about becoming an AAT accountant, including expected duties and career prospects.

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Working as an AAT accountant involves general accountancy tasks. However, the sector you are working in will of course heavily influence the specific duties you are carrying out. For example, working internally as part of a large global organisation will be different to working for an accountancy firm and helping SMEs. Conducting financial audits and providing tax advice will likely be a large part of your daily routine, as will the following:

  • Testing/improving/introducing financial systems for employer/clients
  • Meeting with clients/team members regarding any/all financial issues
  • Providing tax advice when required
  • Maintaining accurate financial records and ensuring all relevant laws/payments are followed

AAT qualifications generally take around three years to complete but can be finished earlier if studied at a fast pace. AAT courses are for everyone, whether you are new to accountancy or already working in the industry and want to gain this professional qualification. Many AAT accountant employers will provide opportunities to study for this qualification whilst working. Although this may be demanding and a little stressful, it is an excellent way to gain this qualification and still earn a salary at the same time.

AAT qualifications are good for candidates without an accounting degree. This is because many employers will accept this instead of a university degree. AAT courses consist of three different levels and feature a combination of practical working skills and industry knowledge. AAT accountant jobs will generally require candidates to have the following:

  • Strong maths and business awareness
  • Good IT skills
  • Hard working and the ability to multi-task
  • Organised and a strong attention to detail

AAT accountant jobs can provide excellent long-term career prospects. The qualification is highly sought after by many employers in the UK. The industry continues to grow, and as such there are often many AAT accountancy jobs available. Starting salaries will depend on the sector, location and size of an employer. In general, wages start around £25,000 – £30,000, with this rising up to £60,000 for fully qualified accountants with a number of years of experience. AAT accountant employers are found in many different industries, with finance being one of the largest employment sectors.

There are many advantages to working as an AAT accountant. Your qualification will enable you to work in a variety of sectors and allow you to become a qualified accountant technician. Once trained and with experience, you will be able to move towards more senior-level positions, such as accountancy manager and ultimately partner if working for an accounting agency.

Regarding the negatives of AAT accountant jobs, the role can be demanding and involve working to tight deadlines and sometimes featuring unsociable hours. You will also be under pressure to not make costly mistakes and ensure you work is always error free. The industry can also be competitive, with can add to the pressure of AAT accountant jobs.