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650 Account Handler Jobs Found

Account handler jobs are an important part of the insurance industry. The role is basically that of a salesperson. You will be responsible for helping and maintaining developer relations with new and existing customers. Therefore, account handler employers will likely place more importance on your sales and customer-relations abilities than your math skills.

The insurance industry continues to grow, helping to create many new account handler employers and jobs in the UK, as well as good career development opportunities. Read on to learn more about account handler jobs, including expected salaries and general duties.

You will be expected to carry out a variety of duties when working as an account handler. This will include increasing policy sales and developing contacts. You will likely be working closely with brokers, underwriters and financial advisors within your company.

Whilst specific duties may vary depending on the sector you are working in, general duties that account handler employers will expect you to perform will include:

  • Contacting new and existing clients, either over the phone, email or face-to-face
  • Advising customer and prospective customer on existing products
  • Maintaining regular contact with customers to develop relations
  • Monitoring sales performance and providing insight and ways to improve figures

Whilst there are generally no high-level qualification requirements for account handler jobs, some employers may wish you have GCSEs in English and math, as well as A-Levels. Furthermore, some account handler employers may need a professional qualification, such as a CII certificate in insurance. Many account handler jobs will feature extensive on-the-job training for entry-level positions. As such, you will likely begin in a more junior role, such as insurance technician or junior account handler.

You will probably be given opportunities to study for professional qualifications that will improve your career prospects and salary. Account handler employers will expect you to learn about the products you are selling and ensure you knowledge remains up to date. Skills sets that are important for people working as an account handler include:

Account handler jobs can provide good career prospects. You will likely begin at entry-level and be provided with lots of training and opportunities to develop your skills and attain professional qualifications. Progression can include moving into a senior account management role. Once you have around five to ten years of experience, you may be given the chance to move in sales management roles.

These positions will involve overseeing a team of account handlers and other sales staff. From this, you may then be able to move into more senior-level roles, such as a regional supervisor. These positions will involve more strategic planning and people management.

Regarding expected salaries, most entry-level positions will pay between £17,000 – £22,000, with this rising to around £35,000 with more experience. From here, senior-level account handler employers will offer salaries of around £40,000 and rising, with this also depending on your location and the sector you are working in.

Working as an account handler can be demanding. You will likely be given set targets to reach and be expected to work hard and show determination. Other issues include having to deal with customer rejection, needing to learn lots of information regarding your employer’s products and remaining seated for long periods of the day.

However, there are many advantages to working as an account handler. Firstly, you will receive training and be able to acquire skills and experience that you can use in other lines of work should you choose. Your career development will depend on your own determination and abilities, meaning you may have the chance to progress far if you show real talent. Salaries are good, and the sector is stable, helping to create good long-term job security.