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12 Admin Co-ordinator Jobs Found

Admin co-ordinator jobs can be found in every industry and across both public and private sectors. Many roles are entry-level and require little experience or qualifications. Admin co-ordinator jobs can therefore be a great way to enter a company and begin a career in admin. Working as an admin co-ordinator will likely involve a variety of tasks, and once fully trained, you will be responsible for ensuring all admin is created, shared and stored smoothly and efficiently. Keep reading to learn more about admin co-ordinator jobs, including expected salaries and promotion opportunities.

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Admin co-ordinator jobs will focus on office-based clerical work, such as invoices and presentations. Lots of your tasks will likely be computer based, and therefore you will be expected to have good IT abilities. Other related tasks will include updating digital diaries, including setting up meetings and schedules and ensuring all participants are invited and confirmed.

As a co-ordinator, you may also be expected to review and improve existing admin procedures. As well as spearhead the introduction of new procedures and software, including training others how to use them. Once your career develops, you may be

A lot of admin co-ordinator employers will look for candidates with the right skills and experience rather than just their qualifications. Entry-level admin coordinator jobs often do not require any formal qualifications other than GCSEs in English and math.

More senior level positions may require diplomas, whilst some specialist admin-coordinator employers may ask for a degree in a related area to theirs. Regardless of the level, you will be expected to display the following:

  • Good IT skills
  • Organised and able to multi-task
  • Good spoken and written communication skills
  • Problem solving and analysis abilities

Admin co-ordinator jobs can provide good prospects and will allow you to gain valuable skills and experience. With so many admin co-ordinator employers existing in the UK across all sectors, there re often many employment opportunities at varying levels. Once fully trained, working as an admin co-ordinator will give you a higher level of authority and responsibility.

You can them move onto senior positions such as admin manager and office manager. Wages for entry-level admin co-ordinator jobs range from £17,000 to £20,000. This can rise to £30,000 for more senior admin coordinator positions.

Many people working as an entry-level admin co-ordinator are often expected to do any task needed. This can lead to feelings of under appreciation. You will have to learn quickly as training will likely be ‘on-the-job’. You will be expected to help with many different tasks, and this can create pressure to learn things quickly. Starting salaries and busy daily workloads can also be negative issues.

Admin co-ordinator jobs can be a great way to start your career in admin. Once trained, you will be able to help a company operate more smoothly and efficiently. You will learn lots of transferable skills and gain experience in a variety of different areas. Long-term career prospects are good, and there will likely be many opportunities to progress in admin or switch careers to a new sector.