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Admin consultant jobs can be found in businesses big and small and across every sector. You could be working as an admin consultant as part of a company, for an agency specialising in providing admin support to companies or even on your own in a more freelance position. With approximately two million admin consultant related jobs in the UK, there are often many roles to choose from regardless of your location. Read on to learn more about what the role involves, expected salary and career routes.

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Admin consultant jobs often feature a variety of different office-based tasks. These are often to help other colleagues and ensure company processes are followed. You will be creating and storing documents on a computer. Other general admin duties will include scheduling appointments and meetings for other staff members, including catering, travel and accommodation when required. You will also be expected to deal with colleagues, customers and other third-party groups in different ways, including on the telephone and face-to-face.

Your role will also depend on whether you are working as part of a company, or for an agency in which you will be moving between lots of different companies and providing short-term admin support. Whilst specific duties may differ according to the employer, general admin consultant duties include:

  • Training other staff members in how to follow company admin policies
  • Follow and improve existing admin processes
  • Greeting visitors to the company

Many admin consultant employers do not require specific qualifications. However, some sectors, such as IT, may require you to have a related qualification. Personal skills and your personality are important if you are considering working as an admin consultant.

Whilst you will receive extensive on-the-job training, you will need to have certain skill sets for most admin consultant jobs. These will include:

  • Good typing and computer skills
  • Good customer-service skills
  • Personable, smartly dressed and a good team member
  • Hard working and able to multi-task

Working as an admin consultant can be a great way to enter a company and gain valuable skills and experience. Many admin consultant jobs are entry-level positions, with employers providing training and opportunities to develop. Once you have gained skills, there will be chances for you to move into more senior admin positions and increase your salary. Other possible career directions include moving into other areas, such as HR or sales, or working as a freelance admin consultant or trainer.

With so many admin consultant employers existing in the UK, you will likely have lots of freedom in terms of where you work and for who. Furthermore, the skills you acquire remain in high demand, helping to create good long-term job security. Starting salaries can be low, ranging from £17,000 to £20,00 for entry-level positions. However, once fully trained, those working as an admin consultant can expect salaries ranging up to £30,000.

Admin consultant jobs can be demanding and starting salaries are often low. You will be required to be a fast learner as most of your training will be one the job. Furthermore, you will be responsible for various tasks, meaning you will likely always be busy during your working day. Other issues can include having to deal with customers, your work being under appreciated and being expected to work extra hours if required.

However, admin consultant jobs can be a great way to learn important office procedures and process that will help you develop your career in a variety of different roles and sectors. You will likely be involved in many different aspects of a business and will be able to gain valuable experience. With many admin consultant employers and jobs existing in the UK, there will also be lots of opportunities to find new roles.