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32 Admin Coordinator Jobs Found

Admin coordinator jobs have grown in importance as companies begin to rely more on digitised filing systems and the many ways that information can now be created and stored. There are approximately two million people working in admin and coordinator jobs in the UK, with positions found across both public and private sectors. The role can involve a variety of duties, and there will be a variety of sectors to choose from in terms of seeking employment. Keep reading to learn more about admin coordinator jobs, including expected duties, required skills and career prospects.

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Admin coordinator jobs will involve a variety of office-based clerical work. This will likely include everything from creating written documents and presentations to creating new filing systems. Working as an admin coordinator will also involve creating meetings and ensuring invitations are sent out, as well as possibly arranging travel plans for colleagues, including travel and accommodation. You may also be expected to welcome visitors and customers to the premises.

As an admin coordinator, you may need to help establish new filing systems and online diaries in order to improve efficiency, as well as help train others new to the system. You may also be required to be in charge of a team of admin workers, ensuring they follow company procedures and they are assigned work.

Many admin coordinator jobs do not require any formal qualifications. However, some employers may want you to have a diploma or university degree in an area related to their sector, such as finance. You will also be expected to have basic knowledge of office-related activities and some computer skills, including being able to type and create a variety of documents.

Many admin coordinator employers will provide full on-the-job training, particularly entry-level positions. Other skills useful for people working as an admin coordinator include:

Admin coordinator jobs offer good career prospects. Firstly, the role can be a great way to enter a company and learn many new, important skills. If you show talent, you will likely be given opportunities to take on more responsibilities and possible training. The tole can lead to more senior-level positions which will increase your salary. The skills and experience you will gain can be easily transferred to other sectors, such as customer service and human resources.

There are often many admin coordinator positions available, and you will have other opportunities such as working for a specialised agency and even setting up on your own as an admin coordinator consultant. Starting salaries for admin coordinator jobs can be between £17,000 – £20,000. With experience and training this can rise to up to £30,000 for more senior admin coordinator positions.

Many people working as an entry-level admin coordinator are often expected to do any task needed. This can lead to feelings of under appreciation. You will have to learn quickly as training will likely be ‘on-the-job’. You will be expected to help with many different tasks, and this can create pressure to learn things quickly. Starting salaries and busy daily workloads can also be negative issues.

Admin coordinator jobs can be a great way to start your career in admin. Once trained, you will be able to help a company operate more smoothly and efficiently. You will learn lots of transferable skills and gain experience in a variety of different areas. Long-term career prospects are good, and there will likely be many opportunities to progress in admin or switch careers to a new sector.