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49 Admin Manager Jobs Found

Admin manager jobs can be rewarding both professionally and financially. These roles can be found in industries ranging from retail to finance, and across both the public and private sectors. Working as an admin manger will involve ensuring all clerical-related work such as electronic documents and schedules are collect and follow company procedures and guidelines. Working alone or in charge of a team, you will be given many responsibilities and have the opportunity to further develop your career. Keep reading to learn more about admin manager employers and jobs, including required experience, expected salary and career development

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Admin manager jobs involve taking charge of all clerical work for a company. For smaller employers you may be working alone, however, for larger-sized organisations you will likely be managing a team of office workers. Admin manager employers will expect you to improve overall office procedures to ensure operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Your tasks will change according to the sector and size of your employer, but you will likely be involved in a variety of duties, including hiring/firing employees, providing training to new and more junior employees and helping to introduce new office systems and procedures. You will often be busy and be expected to multi-task frequently.

Many admin manager employers will focus more your previous experience and skills rather than formal qualifications. However, some companies may require you to have professional qualifications or even a degree in a related area. General qualification requirements will likely include GCSEs in English and maths. Regarding desirable skills sets, many admin manager jobs will require the following:

  • Strong IT, document/presentation creation skills
  • Highly organised and good multi-tasking abilities
  • Good spoken and written communications skills
  • Strong management capabilities, including areas such as training and motivation

Admin manager jobs are a good stepping-stone to more senior-level positions. You will become a valued member of a company and be given lots of responsibilities. If you are hard-working, organised and able to create a good working environment for your team, you will likely be given opportunities to further your career. Other career opportunities that will exist will include moving into other sectors, such as human resources or training.

Admin position numbers are continuing to increase in the UK, helping to create a healthy job market for those looking for admin manager jobs. Starting salaries often begin around £21,000, rising to £30,000 for larger-sized companies.

Admin manager jobs can be demanding. You will be given lots of responsibility and have to work across many different areas at the same time. You will need to learn any new systems introduced, as well as ensure your staff are adequately trained and performing well. You may have to work long hours when required, as well as spend the majority of your time in an office environment.

However, working as an admin manager can be very rewarding. You will be given opportunities to show others what you are capable of and have the chance to become a valued and important member of an organisation. You will develop and acquire management skills that will enable you to further your career, as well as change jobs should you wish. There are often many admin manager related jobs available across the UK, helping to provide you with greater flexibility and long-term job security.