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12 Areas Sales Manager Jobs Found

Area sales manager jobs can provide excellent long-term career prospects. The role involves selling products/services for a company in a particular region. This region can be locally, nationally and even internationally for large-sized businesses. You will be given many different responsibilities and likely be in charge of a team of salespeople.

Area sales manager jobs exist in many sectors, helping to create good job security and ensuring there are often many opportunities to develop. Keep reading to learn how to become an area sales manager, including required qualifications.

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Sales manager jobs involve trying to sell as many products/services as possible to clients in a particular region. Sales jobs can be very target driven, making the role highly competitive. The role can consist of many different tasks. This includes the need to meet with clients face-to-face. As this is a manager-level role, you will also be expected to undertake various management duties, including training junior staff and helping in the hiring/firing of staff.

Area sales manager responsibilities will vary depending on the size of the region you oversee, the size of a company and its products. However, there are some common duties associated with area sales manager jobs. These include:

  • Creating and conducting plans designed to increase sales
  • Create and nurture relationships with clients
  • Providing training and guidance to junior members of a sales team
  • Establishing sales targets and ensuring these are met
  • Reviewing sales targets/processes and identifying areas needing improvement

You will likely need some specific skills and qualifications when looking for area sales manager jobs near me. Some employers may require you to have a university degree in subjects such as business management. This is because the position is a management-level one. Furthermore, some specialist sectors may require you to have experience/qualifications in a specific field, such as IT or pharmaceuticals.

In addition to any qualification requirements, employers will likely require you to have a number of years experience in a similar role. Skill sets are very important in this role. Therefore, employers will be looking for candidates who display the following:

  • Confident attitude and good sales abilities
  • Good attention to detail and excellent multitasking skills
  • Strong team-management skills and ability to motivate others
  • Determined and able to deal with regular rejection
  • Excellent customer-service skills

Area sales manager jobs can provide excellent career prospects. The role remains in good demand, with sales positions found in many different industries. As such, long-term job security is good, and you will likely have opportunities to work in many different sectors. You will have many responsibilities and have the chance to prove your worth to your employer. Talented sales managers are in high demand. Therefore, if you succeed in the role, you will likely be able to move towards even more senior positions.

The average starting area sales manager salary is around £25,000. However, this will depend on your previous experience and the sector and size of an employer. Once you have gained experience, salaries can rise to around £35,000. Salaries can rise to £50,000+ for national sales manager positions, and from here there will likely be opportunities to move into more senior-level management roles. Salaries will also be dependent on the industry and location you are working in. Furthermore, many roles will feature bonuses schemes and other incentives, such as commission, which can significantly increase your salary.

There are numerous pros and cons to working as an area sales manager. The role will offer a varied and dynamic workload, with you being responsible for many different duties. You will likely split your time between working in an office and travelling to meet clients and other sales staff. Salaries are often above the national average and you will be given many chances to increase your wages, such as through promotion, commission or working overtime.

However, there are also some negative issues related to sales manager jobs. The industry is highly competitive, with you expected to produce results on a regular basis. Your daily workload will likely be busy, and you will also have to deal with rejection on a regular basis. Long hours, the need to meet targets and ensuring clients are happy at all times are other negative aspects of this role.