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1 B2b Sales Agent Jobs Found

Working as a B2B sales agent involves helping a business grow by selling its products and developing and maintaining relationships with customers. B2B sales agent employers and jobs can be found in many different sectors and can feature great career prospects and financial rewards. Many B2B sales agent jobs do not require formal qualifications, whilst others will insist on them. Skill sets that are important for this role include having excellent written and spoken communications skills, confidence, determination and the ability to build relationships.

B2B sales agent jobs require you to perform a variety of duties, all related to improving sales for your employer. The sales sector is competitive by nature, and therefore you will be expected to consistently meet and exceed set sales targets.

You could be working from an office or at home, as well as only meeting customers remotely or face-to-face. B2B sales agent jobs will require you to act professionally and dress smart during office hours and when meeting customers. General duties related to B2B sales agent job will likely include:

  • Negotiating prices and contracts with customers
  • Developing new customer relationships and nurturing existing ones
  • Representing your employer at exhibitions and other external events
  • Reporting on sales trends and make recommendations to increase sales

The qualifications and experience required by B2B sales agents can vary significantly. Some companies will not require you to have a university degree, preferring to judge you on previous experience, personality and skills. However, with those working as a B2B sales agent becoming more important to a company’s success, many employers are now demanding candidates have a degree. Useful degrees for B2B sales agent jobs include those in business, management, marketing, engineering, media studies and foreign languages.

Many large B2B sales agent employers operate graduate training schemes; often requiring a 2:1 degree and some relevant work experience to enter.

Regarding the skills most desired by B2B sales agent employers, these include:

  • Ability to sell
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Positive, confident manner
  • Determination and ability to recover from setbacks and rejection
  • Able to multitask and thrive in busy, often competitive working environments

B2B sales agent jobs can offer great career prospects for those who work hard. Promotion and bonuses are mostly based on results, with quick progression often given to high performers. Career development in this role will lead to more responsibilities, including handling larger, more important customer accounts, as well as national/international accounts. In terms of position, successfully working as a B2B sales agent can lead to senior roles such as account manager, area sales manager, national sales manager, sales director and then possibly upper management.

Salaries and commission can vary significantly in B2B sales agent jobs depending on the sector you are working in. In general, salaries will begin at around £20,000 – £30,000, rising to £28,000 – £40,000 for those with three to five-years-experience. For more senior positions, salaries can rise even further, especially when commission is added. Commission can be based on a percentage of the value of a sale or as a flat rate for all sales.

There are numerous pros and cons to working as a B2B sales agent. Firstly, working environments can be very competitive, with B2B sales agent employers expecting you to meet sales targets. You may also be given lots of responsibilities, which can cause stress for some. Low basic salaries can also be an issue if sales are low, as this will affect how much commission you receive.

In terms of the positives of B2B sales agent jobs, your success both financially and career wise will often depend on your own abilities and hard work. Promotions can be achieved quickly in this field, with many successful salespeople going on to more senior positions, including management and director-level positions. There are often many sales jobs available, providing you with numerous career options, with many of the skills you will learn easily transferable to other industries.