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1 Band 7 Nurse Jobs Found

Nursing remains one of the most respected professions in the UK. Furthermore, there remains strong demand for nurses, with many NHS trusts reporting a continued shortage of skilled nurses. Band 7 nurse jobs are senior roles, featuring the need to supervise others and provide training to junior nurses.

Whilst the role is found predominantly in the NHS, an increasing number of senior-level nursing roles can now be found in the private sector, helping to provide many more options and opportunities for trained nurses. Keep reading to learn more about working as a band 7 nurse, including required experience and expected duties.

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Working as a band 7 nurse will involve various duties, many of which will depend on where you are working. For example, the duties of a band 7 nurse in a busy city hospital can be very different to those of a nurse working in a small rural medical practice. Band 7 nurse employers can be found in various sectors, including education, the prison service and the hospitality industry.

Band 7 nurse jobs are considered an important stepping-stone for nurses looking for a career in healthcare. The role will involve more managerial-style duties than lower-band nursing positions. This will include assigning work to other medical staff and providing training to junior nurses. You will be given lots of responsibility and be expected to take the lead in providing effective treatment to patients in your care.

You will need a combination of relevant experience and professional qualifications to be considered by band 7 nurse employers. In addition to a nursing degree, you may be required to have specialist experience and qualifications in a specific area, this can include the need to have a Masters’ degree in a related subject.

In addition to qualifications, you will also be required to have some years of experience in a similar role. This will include experience of leading others and serving as a mento to junior nurses. It is likely that your experience will need to be in a similar area and environment, such as having hospital experience for band 7 nursing roles in hospitals.

Working as a band 7 nurse can provide some excellent career prospects. You will be working in a role that remains inn high demand, providing you with more freedom mand opportunities in terms of what you do and where. The role offers good career prospects, with many opportunities for you to develop your skills and specialise in areas you are interested in. If working for the NHS, you will benefit from very clear career progression paths, with distinct bands and salary expectations.

Starting salaries for band 7 nursing role start around £38,000, rising to £44,000 for those with more than seven-years of experience. Furthermore, salaries can vary depending on the size of an employer and location. For example, nursing positions in London and other major cities often offer larger salaries than those in small towns. London offers the highest wages for nurses, with many positions paying salaries 15% higher than the rest of the UK.

Band 7 nurse jobs feature various pros and cons. The role remains one of the most respected professions, and you will have the opportunity to make a real difference to many peoples’ lives every day. You will also be part of a highly professional team of health workers and benefit from working closely with people from different areas of medical expertise. The role has good long-term security and a strong pension.

However, working as a band 7 nurse can also be stressful and demanding. You will likely be on your feet for long periods of your working day, as well as have a high workload. You may be expected to work unsociable hours, including nights and weekends. Furthermore, you will be dealing with highly stressful situations at times, which can be become distressing.