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449 Bank Nurse Jobs Found

The number of bank nurse jobs available is increasing across the UK as the healthcare sector continues to grow. A bank nurse is someone who is fully trained as a nurse and who provides cover to hospitals and other healthcare facilities during busy periods or staff shortages. Once only for nurses wanting to earn overtime, bank nurse jobs have become popular with people needing more control and flexibility in their jobs.

Whilst bank nurse jobs can be found in the private sector, the NHS is by far one of the biggest bank nurse employers in the UK. People working as a bank nurse can be found in numerous specialities, with most hospitals in the UK employing bank nurses on a regular basis. Read on to learn more about what the role involves, how much it pays and how you can improve your chances of successfully becoming a bank nurse.

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The reality is that the duties of a bank nurse are the same as for any other nurse, that of providing the very best healthcare to patients. You will predominantly be working in a hospital setting, often in areas where you have received previous specialist training.

One difference between bank nurse and other nursing jobs is that your working locations can change often and suddenly. This means you could be working in one department of a hospital one week, and a completely different department in a different hospital the next. Bank nurse jobs will also require some flexibility on your behalf in terms of the hours, locations and departments you work, as well as requiring you to be comfortable working closely with a team of individuals you do not know.

There are some qualification and experience requirements for bank nurse jobs. Whilst any healthcare professional can join an NHS staff bank, many will require you to have at least 6-months NHS experience. As the role of a nurse is so important, you will of course be expected to be fully qualified, including holding a nursing degree in the specialist area you wish to work in.

With bank nurses often expected to hit the ground running when entering a new role, bank nurse employers will often look for candidates with relevant experience. This makes bank nurse jobs particularly appealing to nurses who have retired, as well as those requiring more flexibility in their working life. With the role often temporary in nature, you must be comfortable working in a variety of settings, be able to start work without much prior notice and be prepared for short-term contracts that could last only a few days or weeks.

The prospects of a bank nurse can be different in that many bank nurses have often achieved all the experience and qualifications they require. Whilst some bank nurses may go onto more full-time positions or even train in specialist areas, the majority of bank nurses are not looking for career development. However, bank nurse jobs can also be a great way for newly trained nurses to gain valuable work experience, as well as allowing experienced nurses stay up to date with the latest medical techniques and treatment.

Bank nurse jobs also enable you to experience working in many different environments and locations, which in turn can open up new opportunities that you may not have considered. With demand for nurses often high across the entire UK, there are usually many opportunities for those wishing to become a bank nurse.

There are many different pros and cons to working as a bank nurse. Firstly, the temporary nature of the role can be off-putting for some. As can the need to work with people you do not know in departments and locations you are not familiar with. Furthermore, lower rates of pay, lack of pension and other benefits are also considered cons of the role.

However, there are also many advantages associated with the position. With bank nurse employers usually found in every major town and city in the UK, there are often many opportunities for work. Furthermore, if you are already working, signing up as a bank nurse is a great way to earn more money. Other advantages to working as a bank nurse include:

  • Having complete power over the hours you work
  • Being able to work in different departments and meet new people
  • Personal and professional development
  • Weekly pay