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Working as a banknote designer can be a very rewarding career, both professionally and financially. The role will involve a variety of tasks related to the creation and design of banknotes. This will likely include everything from preliminary sketches right through to engraving. These duties will focus around modifying existing designs or creating entirely new ones.

With banknotes so important, designs will be expected to feature anti-counterfeiting elements to make them difficult to copy. Security around banknote designer employers and jobs can be high, with people working as banknote designers often having to regularly go through security checks. The job blends artistic talent with precision and detail, whilst also involving a great deal of pressure to make the very best, most secure banknotes possible.

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The daily tasks of a banknote designer can vary but will of course centre around the design and creation of banknotes to be used by the General Public. Working as a banknote designer will likely mean you being involved in many different stages, from initial planning and design, through to engraving and final approval.

With security such a concern, banknote designer employers will likely expect you to not only be aware of the latest techniques, but also contribute to new ways of improving safety features. With the design of money so important, the overall process is often long. Banknote designer jobs will involve a lot of meetings and approval processes, whilst proofreading and ensuring there are no errors will also be a huge part of working as a banknote designer.

Banknote designer employers and jobs will expect you to have a qualification in a related subject, such as a degree in graphic art or design. With these jobs so important, most banknote jobs will require candidates to also have a number of years of relevant design experience, including in security product design.

With money requiring such fine detail, those working as a banknote designer often have exceptional artistic skills, particularly in drawing and engraving. Many banknote designer employers will also require you to be familiar with a variety of security techniques and regulations, as well as with specialised security design software. Strong communication skills, patience and a strong attention to detail are other skills sets required by those working as a banknote designer.

Working as a banknote designer can be a very rewarding career. This is not something you can usually just enter, with most banknote employers and jobs requiring a certain amount of previous experience. Many people working as a banknote designer will have begun their careers in areas such as graphic design.

The sector is highly competitive, with the level of applicants to such roles often very high. There will a variety of levels when working as a banknote designer, from apprentice right up to senior designer. There will also be opportunities to work in a number of related areas, including security, as well as bond and stamp design work.

There are a number of pros and cons associated with working as a banknote designer. Firstly, just getting in can be difficult. Banknote designer jobs are considered prestigious, add to this the fact there are not many banknote designer employers, and this makes these jobs highly competitive.

Furthermore, from an artistic point of view, you will be expected to attend many meetings, as well as take into account practical issues. This means you will have to place issues such as printing capabilities and security needs ahead of your design wants. In terms of the benefits, firstly there is the knowledge that you will have designed something important and which will be used by millions of people every day, for many years. Banknote designer jobs are often well paid, and feature good benefits, with most having normal working hours and a manageable workload.