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With identity becoming more important to companies, a growing number of people can be found working as a brand manager. Brand manager jobs involve ensuring a company’s advertising and marketing activities are consistent and the correct messages and images are sent out. Core issues you will be dealing with when working as a brand manager include creating and improving brand guidelines, as well as ensuring employers follow them throughout all communication activities.

Brand manager employers and jobs exist in most sectors and locations throughout the UK. If you are working as a brand manager your actions will be expected to ultimately help your employer improve sales and brand awareness. Learn more about the qualifications and skills you will need to improve your chances of working as a brand manager.

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Whilst brand manager employers and jobs can be found in a variety of very different industries, the role will feature essential tasks that will be the same regardless of what sector you work in. Brand managers can work with many different teams, including in-house product developers and marketing personnel, as well as external creative agencies. One of the biggest aspects of the role is ensuring the company sends out the right messages to the right audiences, and ensuring this message is consistent in terms of sentiment, style and wording.

Most people working as a brand manager do so in an office, with regular hours being 9-5. However, many brand manager employers are now introducing more flexible working conditions, including working from home. Hours can become long, especially if you are working for an external agency and during large projects. Among the many duties involved in working as a brand manager, you will be expected to:

  • Research market trends and identifying possible areas to focus on
  • Helping with the naming and packaging design of new products, as well as pricing and profitability
  • Checking marketing copy, as well as assisting in the design of marketing copy and campaigns

Most people working as a brand manager do so after starting out as an assistant brand manager. Whilst there are not formal education qualifications for this role, many brand manager employers will expect you to have a relevant degree in areas such as marketing, business studies or public relations. You will also be expected to have a number of years of experience, as well as be prepared to train and mentor junior members of the team.

Salaries for brand manager jobs generally fall between £30,00 to £50,000. Skill sets that brand manager employers look for, include:

  • A strong instinct for seeing/predicting future market trends
  • Good analytical skills
  • Excellent communicator, both spoken and written

With brand manager employers and jobs found across many different sectors, you will often be able to find suitable positions throughout the UK. The two main types of brand manager roles are working as part of a marketing team inside an organisation, or for a marketing/communications agency. Both jobs involve similar duties. However, agency work is often much more demanding, but also exciting as you get to work on lots of different products and campaigns.

Whilst industry qualifications do exist, promotion in such roles is often more dependent on your own ability and how many years of experience you have. Working successfully as a brand manager can lead to more senior roles, such as head of marketing or upper management positions. Others who begin working as a brand manager branch off to become specialist consultants or start up their own agency.

There are a variety of pros and cons to consider before working as a brand manager. Firstly, these jobs can be in very high demand, meaning you may often be up against many other applicants. Meanwhile, the role itself can be very busy, particularly if working for an agency. Workload, and hours can be demanding, as can the pressure of being held accountable should things not go to plan.

Regarding the benefits of working as a brand manager, the job can be very exciting. You will get to work closely with many different people and really learn about a company and its products/services. Your work will be valued, and if successful, you will be making a significant contribution to your company’s future success. Salaries are generally good, as well as working conditions and the opportunities to work remotely from home at times.