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Business developer telemarketer jobs focus on improving and growing a business. This is done in various ways, including establishing and maintaining relations with new and existing customers. Working as a business developer telemarketer involves speaking to customers and other external parties over the telephone. Whilst these roles have traditionally been office based, there are now growing opportunities to work remotely.
Business developer telemarketer employers can be found in various sectors, including healthcare, IT, finance, manufacturing and telecommunications. As such, there are often many opportunities to start and develop a career in this role. Business developer telemarketer jobs fall across two categories, business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C).

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Business developer telemarketer jobs can be demanding. You will likely be given set targets that must be met or exceeded on a regular basis. Creating new business opportunities can be difficult, and you will therefore likely have to deal with rejection on a regular basis. However, working as a business developer telemarketer can also be very rewarding, both professionally and financially.

Your general duties will focus around reaching new markets, researching customer trends and reviewing current products/services in order to make improvements. Other duties that business developer telemarketer employers will expect of you, include:

  • Generate leads and cold call prospective clients over the telephone
  • Nurture relations with clients, via telephone and sometimes face to face
  • Learn about the needs of clients and find ways to meet these needs
  • Become an expert in relation to your employer’s products/services

There are various routes you can take to begin working as a business developer telemarketer. Many people work their way up to the role, often coming from a sales or marketing role within an organisation. Alternatively, apprenticeships are becoming more common, with many large companies providing the opportunity to learn ‘on the job’ whilst studying part time. Finally, some companies also provide graduate training programs for candidates with degrees. Degrees in any subject are usually acceptable, although some sectors such as finance and IT may require your degree to be in a related subject.

As well as your qualifications and experience, employers will also look at your personality and skill sets. Desirable traits for business development telemarketer jobs, include:

  • Strong spoken communicator, including excellent telephone manner
  • Determination and ability to multi-task and project management
  • Good interpersonal skills to build productive relations with clients
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and a customer focused approach
  • Negotiating skills and an analytical approach to working

Thanks to the importance of the role, there are often good career prospects for people working as a business developer telemarketer. Demand for skilled individuals is high, with the role found across a growing number of industries. If you show promise in the role, you will likely be given lots of opportunities to progress to more senior-level positions

Starting salaries for business developer telemarketer jobs are generally between £20,000 – £25,000. From this, mid-management positions offer salaries between £30,000 – £60,000, with this rising further for senior business development manager roles.

There are numerous pros and cons to business developer telemarketer roles. The role can provide excellent career opportunities, as well as provide good long-term job security. Salaries can rise significantly once you have gained the relevant skills and experience, whilst bonuses can also make a real difference to how much you earn.

However, the role can be quite demanding. You will likely be under constant pressure to improve sales, with regular targets needing to be met. Working for long periods of time on the telephone and the natural competitiveness of the role can also be off-putting for some.