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11 Business Development Assistant Jobs Found

Business development assistant jobs can provide a great opportunity to develop a career in business development. Positions can be found in a variety of industries, including everything from retail to fintech to pharmaceuticals and health. The role will involve working as part of a business development team to improve a company’s profits.

General duties will vary according to the sector you work in but likely include customer relations and market analysis. Keep reading to learn more about business development assistant jobs, including expected salaries and career prospects.

Business development assistant employers can be found in many different sectors. Therefore, daily duties can vary significantly depending on the sector and size of a company. As an assistant, you will be expected to learn on the job. You will also likely receive extensive training.

Working alongside a senior business developer or part of a larger team, you will be exposed to the duties you will have to perform when no longer an assistant. General tasks will likely include the following:

  • Helping to identify new markets/business opportunities
  • Communicating with new/existing customers
  • Helping to nurture long-term relations with existing customers
  • Assisting in creating short and long-term business development plans

Requirements for business development assistant jobs will depend largely on the sector you are entering. Some sectors such as finance and IT offer higher salaries and are therefore often more difficult to enter. However, the majority of business development assistant employers will want candidates to have a university degree. This does not have to be in a related subject, but of course degrees in areas such as business and marketing will likely be favoured.

However, many people working as a business development assistant do so by working their way up from other positions, such as sales roles. This can mean you can enter the sector without a university degree. In addition, previous experience in a similar, customer-service related role will also help your application. Skill sets desired by employers include:

  • Natural sales ability
  • Good understanding of business practices and related markets
  • Strong written and spoken communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Project management and multi-tasking skills

Business development assistant jobs can offer excellent career prospects. Demand for the role remains high, helping to create good long-term job security. Jobs can often be found in all major towns and cities, in organisations of all sizes and industry. The role will feature extensive ‘on the job’ training. Once fully trained, you will have the opportunity to work as a business development officer, which will likely feature more responsibilities and a higher salary.

Starting salaries for those working as a business development assistant start at around £18,000 and can rise depending on sector and location. Once qualified, salaries can raise to £25,000, with more senior-level roles offering wages of up to £50,000. Some sectors, such as finance and IT will generally offer higher salaries than others. Furthermore, business development assistant jobs in London will also feature bigger wages.

There are numerous pros and cons to working as a business development assistant. The role can be stressful at times. You will be expected to work hard and do most of your learning ‘on the job’. This will likely mean your working days are busy. You may also have to wok long hours, be expected meet regular targets and also travel to meet customers when required.

However, the role can be a great way to start a rewarding career in business. You will receive lots of training and develop new skills which can be easily transferred to other jobs should you wish. Furthermore, bonuses mean salaries can rise quickly, whilst you will also likely be given various opportunities to seek promotion to more senior-level roles.