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88 Business Development Consultant Jobs Found

Business development consultant jobs focus on creating more opportunities for a business to be successful. People working as business development consultant exist in virtually all large industries, across public and private sectors and both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C). Business development consultant jobs can be demanding but also rewarding, including good salaries and excellent opportunities to further your career and make a real difference to a company.

As a consultant, you may be working for an agency, providing business advice to companies in very different industries. Likewise, you could be working internally for an organisation as part of a team. Keep reading to learn more about business development consultant jobs, including expected salaries and career opportunities.

With business development employers found in many different industries and within companies of varying size, duties can vary significantly. However, in general, you will be responsible for improving sales and increasing profits.

This will include researching new markets/products/services, reviewing existing sales practices and creating and maintaining relationships with new and existing clients. The role can be demanding, with business development consultant employers wanting results. Other duties likely required when working as a business development consultant include:

  • Knowing everything possible about your employer’s business, including products, services and customers
  • Analysing sales data to make recommendations and improvements
  • Conducting customer/sales/market research and presenting findings to others
  • Attending sales events, functions and conferences

The overwhelming majority of business development consultant jobs will require you to have a university degree, often in a business-related subject such as marketing or management. Furthermore, you may also be required to have previous experience in a sales-related role. Apprenticeships and graduate programs do exist, mainly among large finance organisations, but these can often be highly sought after and therefore very competitive.

It is also possible to work you way up to the position from sales roles within an organisation. However, business development agencies looking for consultants will often require a university degree. In addition to qualifications, many business development consultant employers will require you to be a confident communicator, as well as possess excellent IT and analytical skills and be hard working.

Because of the importance of the role and the responsibilities you will be given, business development consultant jobs offer great career prospects. You will be given the opportunity to show your talents and make a real difference to a company’s success.

If you succeed in the role, you will be able to move forward to more senior-level roles, including manager and executive positions. Your skills and experience can often be easily transferred to other sectors, creating many opportunities for you as you move forward.  Salaries for business development consultant jobs start around £22,000 – £25,000, with this rising to £35,000 – £50,000 for senior, mid-management-level positions.

There are various pros and cons to working as a business development consultant. The role can be challenging but rewarding. You will be given lots of responsibility and numerous opportunities to prove your value to an organisation. Salaries can be good, including bonuses, and the role remains in demand, helping to create good long-term job security.

However, the role can also be demanding, with you expected to produce results and likely held responsible should things not work out. You will likely have to present ideas and findings to senior management, as well as conduct regular research and travel when required. The sector can be very competitive, and as such you may often be working in highly pressurised environments.