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15 Business Development Coordinator Jobs Found

Business development coordinator jobs often involve working closely as part of a team to help a company improve sales and profits. The role exists in a variety of sectors, with general duties very similar to that of a business development officer role. However, as a coordinator, you may be expected to take the lead on projects, overseeing the work of other team members.

Business development coordinator employers can be found in many different sectors, including B2B and B2C positions. You could be working for a specialised agency, helping different clients develop. Likewise, you may be working internally for a company, either alone or part of a team. Keep reading to learn more about business development coordinator jobs, including expected salaries and expected duties.

Business development coordinator jobs will likely be busy, featuring heavy workloads and sales targets and deadlines. As a coordinator, you may be expected to oversee projects, as well as provide direction and assign work to other staff. Working as a business development coordinator will involve analysing existing procedures/products/services/markets to find areas for improvement. You will be required to present results to senior members and carry out changes based on your findings.

Many business development coordinator jobs are office based, but you will likely be required to travel, including visiting clients, manufacturing facilities and sales events. You will need to learn about your employer/client in-depth, including every aspect of their sales structure and markets. Depending on the size of a company, you may be working alone or as part of a large team.

Most business development coordinator jobs require a university degree. Preferred degrees include marketing and business management. However, other degree can also be accepted, particularly if applying for a graduate scheme or you also have some previous experience.

It is also possible to work your way up to the role inside a company, with many people working as a business development coordinator taking this route. Additional skill sets that business development coordinator employers look for include:

  • Strong IT, research and analytical skills
  • Excellent spoken and written communications skills
  • Organised, determined and good multi-tasking abilities
  • Good business and economic understanding

Business development jobs can provide good career prospects. There remains good demand for talented individuals in this role across many different sectors. You will acquire excellent skills and experience, as well as the opportunity to develop further and move to more senior-level positions. You may also benefit from bonuses and commission in this role, whilst salaries are above the national average.

Business development coordinator employers offer starting salaries of around £25,000 – £30,000. This can then rise to £50,000+ for senior positions. You will also likely benefit from bonus schemes and other perks that can make a real difference to your wages. The size of a company and the sector they operate in will also affect salaries, with IT and finance among the highest-paying industries for this role.

There are various pros and cons to business development coordinator jobs. Your skills and experience will be in demand, giving you much more freedom in terms of where and for whom you work. There are many opportunities to seek promotion, and you will have the chance to earn a good salary. The role can also be varied, helping to create an interesting and dynamic role for some people.

However, business development coordinator jobs can also be very demanding. You will likely have a heavy workload and be expected to do what it takes to ensure projects are delivered on time. You will be judged on your abilities and likely be appraised often by more senior-level members. The role can be competitive, and you will often need to work on multiple projects at the same time.