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184 Business Development Director Jobs Found

The role of a business development director is an important one. Working as a business development director involves being responsible for driving a company’s business forward, increasing revenue and identifying and developing new and existing business opportunities. Business development director jobs can be found in most sectors, ensuring a growing number of people can be found working as a business development director. With business development director employers found in most major towns and cities, there are increasing opportunities to enter this role.

Because business development director jobs are so important, the role covers a variety of different areas and duties. Whilst your daily duties may vary depending on your employer, the role has a number of common duties that you will be expected to cover when working as a business development director. These include:

  • Creating and nurturing relations with existing and prospective customers
  • Identifying new business markets, products and customers
  • Creating and following up on customer leads
  • Having an in-depth knowledge of your company and its products/services
  • Creating and implementing business plans to ensure the company grows

Business development director employers will expect you to have relevant experience for this role. This will include extensive experience in sales or marketing, including that as a business development manager. Furthermore, with some business development director jobs being very specific to a certain industry, some business development director employers may also require you to have experience in a similar sector.

Whilst most roles will not specifically ask for a higher qualification, most business development director employers will likely expect you to have a degree in a related subject, such as business development or business management. Such a demanding position will require you to have certain skill sets, including determination, excellent communication abilities, strong project management skills and good management abilities.

Business development director positions are very important and high level. Therefore, in terms of career prospects after you become a business development director are limited in that the position is already very senior. Those working as a business development director can expect to move onto more senior executive positions if successful, including managing director and CEO.

In terms of prospects of becoming a director, a growing number of business development director employers can be found across the whole of the UK. As such an increasing number of business development director jobs can be found. Whilst salaries for such roles can be high, your salary will often depend on the size of your employer and the sector they operate in, with those working as a business development director in sectors such as IT and finance likely to earn more than a similar position in retail or leisure.

There are a variety of pros and cons to working as a business development director. Benefits to business development director jobs include high salaries and related financial benefits, such as company car and expenses card. Furthermore, you will have a lot of authority in a business and have the opportunity to directly influence its success. Finally, with so many business development director jobs and employers found in the UK, you will often have many opportunities to change sectors and further your career should you wish.

Regarding the cons to working as a business development director, the role can be very demanding, including the need to work long hours, travel and learn new skills. You will also be directly responsible if set targets are not met, whilst business development director employers will also expect you to handle staff discipline in your team, including job termination if needed.