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Business development senior consultant jobs focus on helping companies improve sales and grow as a business. The role can come under various other names but is found in all industries. This includes both business-to-business and business-to consumer positions and public and private sectors.

Working as a business development senior consultant can be a demanding but dynamic role, with you having the opportunity to make a real difference to a company. You could be working internally for a company or for a business consultancy agency, helping clients across various industries. Keep reading to learn more about business development senior consultant jobs, including expected salaries and possible career routes.

Business development senior consultant employers can be found in companies of every shape and size. Therefore, specific duties are likely to depend on the sector and size of a company. You will be responsible for helping research all aspects of improving a business’ sales. This will be done in a variety of ways, including market research, analysis of current procedures/products/services and creating and maintaining relations with clients.

You may also be involved in the creation of new products and markets, such as those overseas. You will likely be based in an office, but often expected to visit clients and attend conventions. Working as a business development senior consultant, you will also be expected to do the following:

  • Lean everything about your employer/client’s services, products, processes and clients
  • Create and conduct market research regarding your client/employer
  • Analyse sales/marketing data and present findings in a clear, easy to understand way
  • Train and mentor junior members of a team if/when required

Business development senior consultant employers will expect candidates to have a university degree and a number of years of relevant experience. Preferred degrees are those in a related area, such as marketing or economics. Because the role is a senior one, employers will also expect you to have previous experience in a similar role. This will often be a number of years working as a junior business consultant.

In addition to qualifications and experience, business development senior consultant employers will also be looking for candidates with a variety of skill sets. These include:

  • Strong spoken and written communications abilities
  • Excellent analytical and IT skills
  • Confident personality, as well as hard working and determined
  • Strong business and marketing abilities

Business development senior consultant jobs offer excellent career prospects. You will be given lots of responsibilities and opportunities to show your abilities. Success in this role can lead to many benefits, including promotions, increasing salaries and bonuses. You can be working as a business development senior consultant in a variety of sectors, helping to create greater opportunities and long-term job security.

Salaries for business development senior consultant jobs start around £35,000. This can then rise to £50,000+ for manager and director-level positions. Salaries will also be further increased by bonuses and commission, which can be significant in certain industries.

Business development senior consultant jobs come with a variety of pros and cons. The role can be rewarding, both professionally and financially, with the possibility of earning more through bonuses. You will have the chance to help grow a company, as well as become a respected and valued employee. There are often many jobs available once you have gained the relevant experience, and this can give you much more freedom in terms of the roles you go for.

However, working as a business development senior consultant can be demanding. You will always be judged on your results and be expected to regularly provide updates to senior management. Working environments can be competitive, and you may be expected to work unsociable hours during important projects.