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7 Cafe Assistant Jobs Found

Café assistant jobs are becoming more common as the food & drink industry in the UK continues to experience a boom. With the role being found in an increasingly large number of different sectors, more and more people can be found working as a café assistant. This job can be both part-time and full-time, with many café assistant employers offering a variety of shift patterns and making them useful for people with other commitments. Working duties can vary a lot depending on where you are working, with day-to-day life likely different from a busy high street chain such as Starbucks, to an internal role within a business.

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People working as a café assistant can expect a busy daily life, with a variety of responsibilities expected. Café assistant employers will expect you to carry out a variety of duties, including dealing with customers orders and money, preparing food and drinks, cleaning work services and other areas and helping in the general upkeep and running of the café. If working in a café, you may also be expected to undertake other duties, such as opening and closing premises and monitoring and ordering stock levels.

Café assistant employers do not require any formal qualifications for roles. Whilst some café assistant jobs may ask for similar previous experience, the majority of café assistant employers are likely to provide full training to new employees. Whilst there are no formal qualifications required, people working as a café assistant will likely need to have certain personality traits, including:

  • Having good customer service skills
  • Able to talk clearly to customers and handle money and other forms of payment
  • Being a team player and able to work on own initiative

There are often many opportunities for people working as a café assistant to further their career in this sector. After experience and if you show potential, many café assistant employers will look to train you further for promotion to position such as café assistant supervisor and then onto further management-level positions. Progression in café assistant jobs can often be quick, reflecting the dynamic nature of the role and the industry as a whole. There are often many café assistant jobs available in most UK towns and cities, with many famous café assistant employers present, such as Starbucks and Costa Coffee found alongside small but still busy smaller, independent businesses. As such, there are often many opportunities for people working as a café assistant to seek new roles within the industry.

There are numerous pros and cons to working as a café assistant. Workloads can be high, with those working as a café assistant expected to undertake a wide variety of roles, including cleaning. Dealing with customers constantly can often be tiring, whilst the need to deal with money and ensure customer’s orders are correct can also be stressful aspects of café assistant jobs.

The benefits of working as a café assistant include a dynamic work environment in which no two days are likely to be the same. Being part of a team, receiving training and the opportunities to quickly progress are also advantages to working as café assistant. Furthermore, the flexibility of the role, as well as the abundance of café assistant jobs in most locations are further reasons why an increasing number of people can be found working as a café assistant.