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Café Chef

The restaurant sector in the UK continues to develop, helping to create a steady supply of café chef employers and jobs. As such, there are often many opportunities for people to enter and progress in the industry. Cafés can be found in many different sectors, from the high street to cruise ships, prisons and leisure centres.

Working environments are often fast paced, and you will be responsible for cooking a variety of dishes, many being of the snack and fast-food variety, such as sandwiches, burgers and other popular meals. You will learn many skills in this role, and it can serve as a stepping-stone to more senior chef positions, including restaurants and major food chains. Read on to learn more about what café chef employers look for from candidates, as well as expected salary and career opportunities.

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Café chef jobs involve preparing and cooking a large variety of different dishes. Your daily workload will likely be busy depending on the café you work in, as well as the need to work early some unsociable hours, including early mornings, evenings and weekends. Types of foods will also vary depending on where you work, whilst some cafe employers and jobs may also require you to develop your own dishes and menus.

Most people working as a café chef will be expected to carry out the following general duties, including:

  • Cooking and presenting food in a satisfactory and timely manner
  • Controlling and ordering stock
  • Ensuring food hygiene and health & safety regulations are always adhered to
  • Ensuring kitchen and other work areas are clean and tidy

There are various ways to become a café   chef. Regarding qualifications, many café chef employers may require you to have a college or university qualification in a related area such as cooking or food preparation. Such courses will require GCSEs or A-Levels to enter, with many local colleges offering these qualifications.

Some café chef employers offer apprenticeships, in which you will be trained by an experienced chef and learn your skills on the job. Important characteristics for working as a café chef, include:

  • Knowledge of food production methods
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Able to work well under pressure and accept criticism
  • Good team working abilities

There are good career prospects for people working as a café chef. Firstly, cafés are growing in number, resulting in an increasing number of café chef jobs becoming available. Furthermore, this can be a great way to start a career as a chef, with many people moving on to more senior positions, including roles in large restaurants, head chef and sous jobs and starting up on your own.

Your progressions will often depend on your own abilities, therefore if you show talent, determination and work hard, you will often be able to choose who you work for and where. Whilst starting salaries in café chef jobs can be low, with time and experience you can expect your wages to rise. Senior chefs and head chef roles can offer good salaries, as well as commanding respect from your peers.

There are of course various pros and cons to working as a café chef. Firstly, starting salaries can be low. Furthermore, you may be working in a fast-paced, demanding environment. You will receive criticism, especially when first starting out, have to work long hours and be expected to always deliver food of excellent quality every time, every day.

However, there are also numerous advantages to café chef jobs. You will learn many new skills which can be easily transferred to other roles. You will also be given opportunities to develop and move into more senior positions. For many, working as a café chef is a passion, therefore, you may be doing something that you feel very passionate about. Good long-term stability as well as the opportunity to work in many different sectors are just some of the other benefits of working as a café chef.