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61 Cafe Manager Jobs Found

Café manager jobs can provide an interesting and stable career. With an increasing number of cafés appearing in the UK, there are often many café manager employers and jobs to choose from. Cafés can be found everywhere, from the high street to inside large corporations, hospitals and leisure facilities.

Working as a café manager will involve a variety of different responsibilities and it is likely that no two days will ever be the same. You will be involved in every aspect of the café, from setting menus and ordering stock, to hiring and firing employees. Read on to learn what qualifications café manager employers will expect you to have, as well as salary expectations and career development.

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Café manager jobs involve many different duties and responsibilities. As such, working as a café manager can be both rewarding and stressful at times. With cafés found in many different locations and sizes, some duties may differ. For example, if you work in a small café with just a few staff members, then less of your time will spent on staff-related issues.

However, large high street cafés can have big workforces, meaning a lot of your time may be spent focused on them. General duties that café manager employers will expect you to perform will likely include:

  • Designing staff rotas and assigning duties
  • Administrative work
  • Dealing with suppliers and other external parties
  • Handling staff and customer issues
  • Ensuring food quality and health & safety are satisfactory
  • Handling money and opening/closing the café

The qualifications required for café manager jobs often depends on the size of the café and what previous experience you have. For small cafés, many employers will place more emphasis on previous experience. However, for larger cafés, you may be expected to have a university degree in a related subject, such as business management.

Whilst qualification requirements will differ, all café manager jobs will need you to have relevant previous experience. This can include working as a supervisor in a café or similar management experience in the services industry. Working as a café manager requires various skill sets, including:

  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and take control of situations
  • Good management and interpersonal skills
  • Strong commercial business awareness
  • Excellent communications skills

Café manager jobs can offer excellent career prospects. With the food & drinks industry continuing to grow, there are often many suitable positions available. Furthermore, with café manager jobs found in every sector, you will likely be able to choose which industry you wish to work in.

Once trained and having experience, there are a number of roles that you can move into, including regional management roles, larger cafés and setting up your own business. Café manager employers exist in almost every sector, from small independent cafés to national high street chains, cruise ships and leisure facilities.

Working as a café manager can be stressful, demanding and involve long, often unsociable working hours. Furthermore, starting salaries, particularly in small cafés, can be low. You will be given lots of responsibilities and will also have to deal with any customer or staff issues that come up.

However, working as a café manager can also provide you with an excellent opportunity to work in a management-level position. You will be directly responsible for the success of a café and be given the chance to show others what you are capable of. The sector continues to grow, providing you with many opportunities to develop further, both in terms of the size of café you manage, as well as financially.