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1 Call Centre Administrator Jobs Found

Call centre administrator jobs can be found throughout the UK, with employers often found in and around major cities and towns. Many people working as a call centre administrator began life as a call centre operator, with the position offering good promotion prospects for those working in this sector. With call centre administrator employers found in a variety of different industries, daily duties can vary significantly. Such sectors can include financial services, utilities, retail and legal, as well as the public sector, including local councils and the government. Call centre administrator jobs are often demanding and fast paced, with call centre administrator employers requiring candidates to be self-motivated, calm under pressure and having the ability to motivate and help other members of a team.

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You daily duties when working as a call centre administrator will of course vary depending on what sector you are working in. In general, call centres can be placed into two categories, those that answer phone calls and emails from potential and existing clients, and those that make phone calls to existing and potential clients in order to sell a product or acquire information. However, regardless of the type of call centre, call centre administrator jobs can involve the following duties:

  • Managing the daily running of a call centre, including staffing levels, shift patterns, resource planning and strategies
  • Staff and department performance assessments, including cost/benefit analyses
  • Setting sales targets and ensuring these are reached
  • Providing leadership and training to junior members
  • Handing complex issues, such as difficult client complaints

The qualifications and experience required by call centre administrator employers varies depending on the sector and the particular role you are working in. Whilst most entry-level call centre operative positions do not require any formal experience or qualifications, many call centre administrator jobs will require certain experience and possibly a higher education qualification.

For call centre administrator roles, employers will likely require relevant experience in a similar role, while some companies may ask for fluency in a foreign language or specialist knowledge in a specific area, such as law if you are providing legal advice. Whilst people working as call centre administrators can be found in many different industries, the following subjects may increase your chances of successfully becoming a call centre administrator:

  • Business management
  • Chemical & physical sciences
  • Computer science & software engineering
  • Finance & accounting
  • Foreign languages

Call centre administrator jobs offer good career prospects; often featuring various opportunities for promotion and entering other areas of a business, such as human resources. Progression can include the management of multiple call centres, as well as developing customer services and the training of new team members. With so many organisations across different sectors requiring call centres, there are often numerous call centre administrator employers looking for staff. Sectors that use call centres include:

  • Finance
  • Utilities
  • IT
  • Health
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Emergency services
  • Council & government departments

There are numerous advantages and disadvantages to working as a call centre administrator. Firstly, workloads can often be hard, featuring daily and weekly targets. In addition, many call centre administrator employers may require you to work unsociable hours, including nights, weekends and national holidays. Finally, such roles often require you to remain sat down for long periods, as well as having to deal with rejection and disgruntled customers on a sometimes-daily basis.

Regarding the pros of call centre administrator jobs, many can offer good bonus incentives, with promotion opportunities often much quicker than in other sectors. Other benefits to working as a call centre administrator include the opportunity to learn useful and transferable skills, as well as benefitting from working in an often exciting and dynamic work environment.