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47 Call Centre Advisor Jobs Found

Call centre advisor jobs are increasing across the UK, with the role appearing in a growing number of different industries. Therefore, call centre advisor employers can now be found in sectors including finance, IT, retail, legal and emergency services. The role is predominantly in office environments, but there many positions now feature remote working options. You will be likely dealing with new and existing customers over the telephone.

However, you may also be expected to communicate electronically, such as email and online chat. You could be involved in selling products, providing customer support or helping people with legal issues. Keep reading to learn more about working as a call centre advisor, including possible career development and expected salaries.

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Call centre advisor jobs can vary in what your daily duties will be. For example, you may be cold-calling prospective customers and trying to sell goods/services. Likewise, you could be providing support to existing customers, or dealing online with customer complaints.

You may be expected to work shifts that can include unsociable hours, including weekends and Bank Holidays. However, most call centre advisor employers will expect you to perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Deal with customer over the phone/electronically
  • Provide customer support when required
  • Ensure company processes and rules are followed at all times
  • Be able to provide expert advice in a customer-friendly way

There are often no qualification requirements for call centre advisor jobs. This is particularly true for sector such retail and sales. However, specialist sectors such as finance and law will likely require you to have qualifications or previous experience in a related field. You may be required to have GCSEs or equivalent in maths and English.

Many call centre advisor jobs will feature extensive on-the-job training, making them an excellent opportunity to acquire valuable transferrable skills and experience. Working as a call centre advisor will require you to have excellent customer-service skills. Therefore, employers look for candidates with certain skill sets. These include:

  • Strong communications and listening abilities
  • Determined, persuasive and able to deal with rejection and carry on
  • Good problem solving and multi-tasking skills
  • Patient and comfortable using IT systems

Call centre advisor jobs can provide excellent career opportunities. Many entry-level positions can be found, making them a great way to enter an industry with no experience or specialised qualifications. The role can be found in many different industries, making it easier to find work and transfer to other roles once you have gained experience.

There will likely be many opportunities to develop should you show talent in the role, including team leader and manager-level positions. The role can often be fast paced with a high staff turnover, meaning promotions can often happy much quicker than in other industries. Starting salaries are around £18,000 to £23,000 depending on the role, sector and location. From this, salaries can rise to £27,000 for senior advisor positions, and then up to £40,000+ for managerial roles. There will also be opportunities to move into other sectors, including customer services, human resources and sales.

Call centre advisor jobs can be rewarding. You will receive training and lots of opportunities to show your abilities. Promotions can occur quickly and there is often a good selection of related roles available across the UK. The role can be highly specialised in some sectors, whilst in others you may be providing valuable assistance to people and helping improve their lives.

However, call centre advisor jobs can also be demanding. You will likely have regular targets that you will have to meet and working environments can often be quite competitive. You may be required to deal with unhappy customers on a regular basis, as well as work shifts that may include unsociable hours. Low starting salaries and sometimes repetitive daily duties are other negative issues.