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89 Call Centre Agent Jobs Found

Working as a call centre agent can be an excellent way to begin a career in this growing sector.  Call centre agent jobs exist in many different industries, including retail, finance and the emergency services. Furthermore, the role exists in various forms. This means you could be do a variety of tasks, including providing customer support or selling products/services to new and existing customers.

Many roles will be telephone-based, however, there is growing demand for online support, meaning you may be speaking to customers online, over the telephone of both. There are often many call centre agent jobs available and they can provide quick promotion routes to talented individuals. Keep reading to learn more about call centre agent jobs, including expected salaries and career routes.

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Call centre agent employers can be found in many different industries, meaning duties will often depend on the specific role you take. Some call centre agent jobs will focus on sales, including cold calling and maintaining relations with clients over the long term. However, other roles may involve receiving calls and providing support and advice to people.

You will likely be office based, but there are growing opportunities to work remotely. Shift work is common in this sector, including evenings and weekends. Whilst roles will vary, there are some common duties that people working as a call centre agent will be expected to carry out, including:

  • Following up on calls/issues to ensure a satisfactory conclusion
  • Become knowledgeable of employers’ products/services
  • Ensure processes are followed and databases kept up to date
  • Always deal with all customers in a polite and professional manner

The majority of call centre agent jobs do not require formal qualifications other than GCSEs, often in English and maths. However, some specialist sectors, such as IT support and legal advice may require candidates to have qualifications in related subjects. This means there are often many entry-level call centre agent jobs available, particularly in customer support and sales. You will receive on-the-job training and maybe given the chance to study for industry-specific qualifications.

Because of the nature of the role, many call centre agent employers look for candidates with a clear understanding of what customer support means. This also means that having a patient, positive, helpful personality helps, as does the ability to talk clearly and listen attentively. Candidates will also be expected to be determined and hard working to ensure any targets are met. Good IT and multi-tasking skills will also help your application for this role.

Call centre agent jobs can provide an excellent way to begin a career in a growing sector. The role can be found in many different sectors, helping to create a good supply of opportunities. You will receive training and if show promise may be given the chance to further your career much quick than in other jobs. Many of the skills you will acquire can be easily transferred to similar roles in other sectors, such as human resources.

In addition, many people working as a call centre agent go on to other roles, including those in human resources, training and sales. Starting salaries can be low, however there may be opportunities for overtime as well as performance bonuses. Wages generally being around £18,000 for entry-level positions. This can then rise to £27,000 after a number of years of experience, whilst manager-level roles can see salaries of up to £40,000 +.

Working as a call centre agent can provide a great way to enter a growing industry. You will gain skills and experience that will help your career develop. There remains strong demand for the role and this will give you more freedom in terms of deciding where and when you work. Some roles can be very rewarding in terms of helping people, particularly roles related to the emergency services.

However, starting salaries can be low for call centre agent jobs in some sectors. Furthermore, you may be required to meet monthly targets, as well as work in a noisy and competitive working environment. The need to work some unsociable hours, as well as dealing with customer complaints are other negative issues related to call centre agent jobs.