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Call centre sales manager jobs can be found in a variety of sectors. These include financial services, utilities, IT solutions, travel, retail and telecommunications. As such, the number of call centre sales manager employers and jobs appearing in the UK continues to increase. Working as a call centre sales manager will involve a lot of responsibilities. These will include setting and meeting customer service targets, improving processes and staff performance and managing a team of salespeople. Keep reading to learn more about the role, including expected duties, required qualifications and average salaries.

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Call centre sales manager jobs can involve a variety of duties, often split between dealing with sales targets and staff management issues. What you will be doing depends on the type of call centre you work in. There are two types of call centres. Inbound centres receive calls, emails, etc., from customers, whilst outbound call centres contact potential and existing customers with the aim of selling goods/services.

Some call centre sales manager jobs may involve a mixture of the two. Despite this, general duties do exist, including:

  • Ensuring company sales strategies are followed and working effectively
  • Conducting performance reviews and cost/benefit analysis, etc
  • Ensure staff are fully trained and operating to expected targets
  • Staff recruitment and other HR issues
  • Providing reports and recommendations to more senior-level colleagues

Call centre sales manager employers will generally be looking for candidates with a mixture of qualifications and relevant working experience. Many roles will require you to have a degree in any subject, with an obvious preference given to degrees in areas like business management or finance. Some specialist sectors, such as those providing legal advice may require your degree to be in a related field. Entry to this role without a degree is possible for those who work their way up to the position.

Many people begin life as a sales operator before working as a call centre sales manager. In addition to call centre sales experience, employers will look for the following skills:

Working as a call centre sales manager can offer great career prospects for those who work hard. Many people working in this position first gain their sales and management experience in lower supervisor-level roles. Once in the role, further development can include managing larger call centres and regional management positions covering multiple call centres. Specialist areas such as training and call centre process creation are other possible areas to progress to. The skills and experience you will gain in call centre sales manager jobs will also allow you to move into different positions and sectors, such as market research and freelance consulting roles.

Starting salaries for call centre sales manager entry-level jobs begin around £18,000 and rise to roughly £26,000. Once trained, and with some years of experience, you can earn much more. Salaries can be anything up to £60,000, with opportunities to increase this with bonuses and commission.

Call centre sales manager jobs can be demanding. You will be expected to set and meet targets, and likely held responsible if these are not met. You will have to deal with lots of staff issues and be expected to lead and motivate others every day. Other negative issues can include demanding workloads and unsociable working hours, including nights and weekends.