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123 Care Home Deputy Manager Jobs Found

Care home deputy manager jobs exist in the public and private sectors across the UK. The sector continues to grow, contributing billions of pounds to the economy and providing hundreds of thousands of jobs. It is estimated there are approximately 11,000 care facilities just for the elderly alone. Other types of homes include those for children and patients suffering from various physical and mental disabilities.

Assistant care home manager jobs are a great stepping-stone to more senior roles and an excellent want to learn valuable managerial skills on the job. The role can be demanding, and you will likely require both experience and a qualification for deputy positions. Keep reading to learn more about working in the care home sector, including required skills and expected salaries.

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Working in a care facility can be both demanding and rewarding. Your duties will likely be split between providing support to the care home manager and carrying out general care-related tasks. The role is an important stepping-stone to care home management and will give you the opportunity to gain valuable experience and skills. As a deputy manager, you will be working closely with both management and the care team.

Your specific duties will depend on the sector and size of home you work in. However, they are likely to be split between caring and clerical-based duties. A general care home deputy manager job description will also include the following duties:

  • Assisting creating staff rotas and stock control
  • Helping conduct staff and care home performance reviews
  • Supervising new members of staff
  • Performing care home manager duties during holidays/absences
  • Writing reports and other clerical-based tasks

Care home deputy manager jobs do not require any formal qualifications. However, this will likely depend on the sector and size of care home you are working in. Whilst it is possible to enter this role without a university degree, employers will often want you to have an industry-specific qualification, such as in nursing, or business management.

Deputy manager care home jobs will require you to have previous relevant experience, which may include supervisory experience or working in a specific sector, such as childcare. Employers will also want candidates with various skill sets, such as strong industry knowledge and excellent written and spoken communications. Other desirable traits for the role, include:

  • Professional healthcare and management manner
  • Natural passion for providing quality care
  • Hard working and willingness to help patients and team members alike
  • Organised, with some experience of budgeting and staff management

The UK care sector continues to grow; providing many opportunities to work and progress in this industry. As such, it is becoming easier to find deputy care manager jobs near me when looking for roles. You will often require at least five-years of experience in a healthcare or care facility setting. This can be in either the public or private sectors. Promotion will depend on your own experience, qualifications and ability, with career development often quicker in the private sector. This is because NHS care home roles follow established pay bands, which private care homes do not.

Once you gain enough experience as a deputy manager, you will be able to look at more senior roles. Such roles include the management of larger care homes, as well as that of a regional manager or specialist consultant. The average care home deputy manager salary begins around £20,000, rising to £25,000. From here, salaries in both sectors can rise to £45,000 for management positions, and upwards of £70,000 for senior management and regional roles.

A care home deputy manager job description is varied. This means you will likely have a dynamic and fast-paced working day. You will be helping improve peoples’ lives every day. The position is an important doorway to managing your own facility and will provide you with essential experience and skills. As you develop, salaries can grow significantly, and the residential care sector continues to see good demand for experienced care home workers.

Working as a deputy care home manager also comes with its drawbacks. Starting salaries can be low, particularly in the public sector. You will also likely need to work shifts, including weekends and nights. Nursing home roles can be demanding, both physically and emotionally, especially if working with vulnerable patient groups. Such lower-management positions can also involve splitting your time between clerical and care duties, which some also find initially difficult.