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78 Case Worker Jobs Found

Case worker jobs can also be known as social worker and support worker positions. The role involves providing support and counselling to individuals suffering with problems such as mental health issues. You will be working closely with people on a daily basis and likely part of a team of health professionals.

The majority of case worker roles are in the public sector, with organisations such as the NHS and local councils. However, positions do also exist in the private sector. You will often become specialised in a specific area, such as work with children or those suffering from addiction. Keep reading to learn how to become a case worker, including required qualifications and desired skill sets.

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A case worker job description includes many different tasks. This can make it both a demanding and exciting role. You will assist clients from groups including young offenders, drug addicts and people with serious health and learning difficulties. You will often be dealing with sensitive issues and situations and therefore be expected to always act professionally.

You will likely be working in locations such as hospitals, clinics and even patients’ homes. Duties will of course depend on the specific area you work in. However, general duties related to case worker positions include:

  • Assessing the needs of patients and monitoring their progress
  • Recommending, organising and managing care packages
  • Working closely with other health professionals
  • Admin work, including ensuring patient records are accurate and up to date

Entry level case worker jobs will require you to have a professional qualification. Furthermore, you will need further qualifications to specialise in a particular area, as well as relevant experience. A three-year university degree in social car is the most common route into this role. Courses are offered at most UK universities and can be studied part-time and full-time. Previous experience will also help your application. Such experience can include voluntary work at health clinics or schools.

As well as formal qualifications, skill sets that will help you in this role and make you more attractive to employers include:

  • Good ‘bed-side’ manner
  • Professional, calm personality with ability to remain calm in difficult situations
  • Good observational skills
  • Highly organised and ability to multitask

Roles such as mental health case worker jobs offer good career prospects. You will be entering a profession that is highly respected in society. You will also have the chance to gain further qualifications and work in a specialised area, such as becoming a childcare case worker. There remains good demand for the role and it also offers excellent long-term job security.

Once you gain more experience, you will also have the chance to move into more senior-level positions, such as senior case worker, head of department and care manager roles. The average case worker salary begins around £24,000 for graduate-level roles, rising to £30,000 after a few years. From here, salaries can go up to £40,000+ for senior roles, whilst consultants can earn even more. Case worker roles within the NHS often begin at Band Level 6.

Case worker jobs can be challenging but also very rewarding. You will have the chance to help people in need every day and make a real difference to people’s happiness. The role is often a calling for many working in the sector. Therefore, you will often be working with other health professionals, providing opportunities to lean valuable new skills and experience. Higher-than-average salaries and good long-term security are other positives of working as a caseworker.

However, the role can of course be very demanding. You will often be working in stressful situations, with individuals who may not feel that need your help. You may have to work shifts, including evenings and weekends. Furthermore, your workload will likely be high, and you will need to multitask many different cases.