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Casino dealer jobs have grown in popularity, particularly because of the growth of online gambling. You could find yourself working online or inside one of the many traditional casinos appearing across the UK. You will likely be involved in one or many of a variety of games, including dealing cards or operating a roulette table or slot machine. Casino dealer employers will expect you to have excellent customer service skills. Keep reading to learn more about casino dealer jobs, including expected salaries, expected duties and career development.

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Casino dealer jobs can involve many different duties depending on the size and sector of an employer. You will be expected to follow company and industry regulations and guidelines at all times. Working as a casino dealer will require you to have a strong understanding of the games under your control. This will also include betting procedures, such as minimum and maximum bets. A big part of the role is ensuring clients are happy and following rules at all times. Casino dealer employers will want you to help create a fun, lively atmosphere for customers. Other likely duties involved in working as a casino dealer include:

  • Ensuring bets are taken/collected correctly at all time
  • Reporting unlawful acts immediately
  • Ensuring customers are always happy and following rules

There are no formal qualifications required for casino dealer jobs. However, most employers may require you to have GCSEs or equivalent in English and maths. Previous experience handling money or in a customer-facing role will also help your application. There are some industry-specific certificates you can get that will help your application, but the majority of casino dealer jobs are entry-level positions. This means you will receive extensive on-the-job training and likely be given the opportunity to gain any qualifications once you have been working for a while. Employers will look for candidates with various skill sets, including:

  • Good math skills
  • Calm, honest character
  • Strong customer service skills

Casino dealer jobs can offer good career prospects. The gaming industry has grown significantly in recent years, with online gaming now a multi-billion global industry. Furthermore, casinos are now appearing in many cities across the UK, helping to create a steady demand for casino dealers. There will be opportunities to work towards more senior level positions, including areas such as casino floor management, security, customer services and fraud. Starting salaries generally follow the UK minimum wage. However, salaries will increase once you have experience and move up within an organisation. Furthermore, tips can be earned in this role which can further increase your wages. As the online industry grows, there are increasing opportunities to work for online casinos, with remote working roles also beginning to appear more often.

Working as a casino dealer can provide a great way into a growing industry. You will receive lot of training and be given the opportunity to show your abilities. You will be in a position of trust, working in an exciting and dynamic environment. Once you have gained experience and if you show promise, doors to other roles and sectors are likely to open.

However, the role can also be demanding. Working as a casino dealer may involve handling large amounts of money. You will likely have to work unsociable hours, including late nights and weekends. Furthermore, losing clients may be upset, and you will need to ensure situations are dealt with in a patient, patient-customer focused manner.