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Charity officer jobs exist in small and large-sized organisations, with your tasks likely to be highly varied. Areas that fall under the responsibility of a charity officer include project management, marketing, finance, fundraising and public relations. Whilst for large-sized charity officer employers you may be expected to work in just one area, small charities may require you to cover a variety of these duties.

Charity officer jobs are often office based, but there may be some travel involved, including visiting clients and attending promotional activities. Charity officer employers exist in various sectors, and can include housing associations, trade unions and educational organisations. Keep reading to learn more about working as a charity officer, including salaries and career development opportunities.

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Charity officer jobs involve many different duties, with these often depending on the size of an organisation. However, you will likely be involved in conducted marketing and PR activities designed to raise the profile of an employer. Charity officer employers will expect you to help create, conduct and analyse fundraising efforts across various different channels. This will include producing material and meeting with potential and existing donors. Other general duties of charity officer jobs include:

  • Working with external agencies, including media, local authorities and other stakeholders
  • Recruiting and working with volunteer groups
  • Admin tasks, including managing budgets, gathering data and presenting reports and findings

Qualification requirements will depend on the requirements of a particular organisation. Some may wish you to have HNDs or a degree in a related subject such as business studies, marketing or pr. However, for smaller-sized organisations, a passion for charity work and some relevant experience and skills can often be enough.

There are also some voluntary/charity specific qualifications that can be now be gained. Apart from qualifications, charity officer employers will look for candidates with the following skill sets:

  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Strong communications – spoken and written
  • Good multi-tasking and time management skills
  • Understanding of fundraising, marketing and PR methods
  • Strong administrative, writing and IT skills

Charity officer jobs can offer good career prospects. The skills and experience you will acquire in the role will enable you to work in many different sectors should you wish. Large charity organisations will often have clear promotion routes, with senior, supervisor-level roles available. Such development also depends on your own skills and personal aims. With more experience will come more responsibilities, including regional and budget duties.

Starting salaries for charity officer jobs fall between £16,000 – £25,000 and will depend on factors such as any previous experience you may have, as well as the size, sector and location of the charity. Once you have gained experience and showed talent for the role, senior-level roles feature salaries of £30,000+, with this rising to £60,000 for some of the largest charities.

Working as a charity officer can provide you with valuable skills and experience. You will be working across various disciplines, with the opportunity to be creative in your work. Charity officer jobs can be very rewarding, providing the potential to help make a difference to many people’s lives. The sector is growing, and there are often many roles available.

However, the role can be demanding. You will often be working under tight budget constraints and be responsible for many different areas of a charity. Starting salaries can be low, whilst short-term contracts continue to be widely used in the sector.