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Cleaning account manager jobs are great for people looking to further their career in the cleaning industry. The sector continues to grow, and as such more and more people can be found working in cleaning account manager jobs. The role will involve leading a team of cleaners and ensuring all cleaning work is performed safely and to the highest standards. You will likely be working closely with other managers, as well as dealing personally with clients and suppliers.

The cleaning industry in the UK is varied, and you could therefore find yourself working in a variety of different environments. Cleaning account manager employers include large businesses, hospitals, specialised cleaning agencies and care homes. Keep reading to learn more about working as a cleaning account manager, including expected salary and career options.

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Cleaning account manager jobs involve many different tasks. Whilst there will be differences depending on the size of your employer and the industry they are in you will likely be expected to lead a team of cleaners. Your role will be to ensure staff are fully trained and performing at a satisfactory level. Duties will also include dealing with staffing and shift issues, stock ordering and dealing with any customer issues.

You may be based in an office, as well as be expected to make regular visits to the premises being cleaned. Cleaning account manager employers will expect you to be familiar with cleaning techniques and other industry-related issues, including health & safety, regulations and the use of PPE. You may be required to work shifts, as well as be ‘on call’ should any issues arise.

You will likely not be required to have any formal qualifications to be considered for cleaning account manager jobs. Some roles may require you to have certificates in health & safety or other industry-related areas, as well as GCSEs in English and math. However, experience is very important in this role. You will likely need a number of years of previous experience, with some cleaning account manager employers requiring your experience to be in a particular sector, such as hospital cleaning.

Further, working as a cleaning account manager will require you to have various skill sets, including:

Cleaning account manager jobs can be one more step in a rewarding career in cleaning. As this is a managerial-level position, you will already be expected to have lots of relevant experience and skills. You will be given lots of responsibilities and be able to show others your capabilities. You may receive management training in these roles, as well as the chance to study for qualifications. With the cleaning industry continuing to grow, once you are fully trained and have the experience, you should not have too much difficulty finding suitable work.

Furthermore, many of the skills you have acquired can be transferred to other sectors, helping to create even more career opportunities. Working as a cleaning account manager, you can expect to earn around £21,000 – £28,000 depending on sector and your experience. Salaries can be further increased through overtime, whilst larger employers in areas such as London often offer even higher wages.

Cleaning account manager jobs will provide you with the opportunity to show your capabilities and talent. You will be given lots of responsibility and have the chance to make a real difference to a company. Your daily tasks are likely to be varied, and you will often be able to create your own work schedule. Other benefits include long-term job security and being part of a growing sector.

However, cleaning account manager jobs can also have their disadvantages. Firstly, you will need to do many different tasks, meaning you daily work schedule will likely be busy and demanding. Furthermore, you may be expected to travel to different sites, as well as meet others, such as clients and suppliers. Some cleaning account manager jobs may involve working unsociable shift patterns, whilst smaller-sized employers may expect you to perform cleaning duties during busy periods or when there are staff shortages.