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Working as a cleaning contract manager can be a great way to further your career in the ever-growing UK cleaning industry. Cleaning jobs can be found in virtually every sector and location in the UK, including a growing number of contract manager positions. The role will involve a variety of duties, with many focused around dealing with external parties, including customers and suppliers.

Cleaning contract manager employers can be found in various sectors. This means you could be working in-house for a company and helping deal with external cleaning agencies, or likewise be part of a cleaning agency dealing with clients. Keep reading to learn more about cleaning contract manager jobs, including expected salaries and career development opportunities.

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Cleaning contract manager jobs often involve a variety of different duties and working locations, helping to create a dynamic and interesting role. Working as a cleaning contract manager, you will likely split your time between working in an office and visiting clients and premises that are being cleaned.

Cleaning contract manager employers will expect you to have excellent customer service skills as you will be dealing with clients, old and new, on a daily basis. You will often be performing a mixture of administrative ad customer relations duties, as well as assisting with staff-related issues, such as training.

With cleaning contract manager employers and jobs found in a wide selection of industries and locations, you could find yourself working in a variety of different cleaning sectors. You may be required to have a driving license as well as expected to work shifts, including unsociable hours such as early mornings and weekends.

You will likely not be required to have any formal qualifications for cleaning contract manager jobs. However, with the role growing in importance, many cleaning contract manager employers are now requiring formal qualifications on top of previous experience.

Your background however will remain the biggest factor when looking for these positions, with most employers wanting you to have a number of years previous experience in the cleaning industry or a customer-relations based role.

In addition to previous experience, cleaning contract manager jobs will require you to have various skill sets, including:

  • Excellent customer-relations abilities
  • Highly organised and able to multi-task
  • Strong written and spoken communications skills
  • Good negotiation and sales techniques

Cleaning contract manager jobs offer good career prospects for people wanting to develop further in the cleaning industry. The industry continues to grow, with cleaning contract manager employers and jobs now found in most sectors in the UK. As such, the role offers excellent long-term prospects and job security. Furthermore, the skills and experience you will acquire in cleaning contract manager jobs can be easily transferred to other sectors, including human resources and customer relations.

Regarding starting salaries, most people working as a cleaning contract manager can expect wages of around £21,000 – £30,000. Your starting salary will depend on various factors, including your previous experience, the size of your employer, its sector and where they are located. Once you are fully trained and have experience in the role, you can look to more senior-level positions, with salaries rising even further, including opportunities for commission and bonuses.

There are various benefits to cleaning contract manager jobs. The role comes with lots of responsibilities, allowing you to show others your capabilities and potential. Furthermore, you will likely be working across various locations and involved in many different tasks, helping to create a varied and exciting role. Job security is good, whilst there will many opportunities to switch employers and look for new roles should you wish.

However, cleaning contract manager jobs can also be very demanding. Your working day is likely to be busy, and you will likely spend a lot of your time ensuring your clients are satisfied. Other issues include low starting salaries and the possibility of shift work, including early morning and late nights.