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59 Cleaning Manager Jobs Found

Cleaning manager jobs can be found in most major towns and cities across the UK. As the cleaning industry continues to grow, more and more cleaning employers and jobs are appearing. As such, the role offers some great career prospects. Positions can be found across many different industries and in both the public and private sectors.

This means you could be working in a large international hotel chain, hospital or high-rise office block. Read on to learn more about cleaning manager jobs, including expected salaries, required experience and career prospects.

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Cleaning manager jobs will likely see spend most of your time and managerial duties rather than actual cleaning. However, some cleaning manager employers may require you to help with cleaning when required. Your daily duties will depend on the size of your employer and the cleaning team you are in charge of. However, general managerial tasks will likely include creating rotas, designating work, hiring & firing employees, providing training and ordering stock.

Other duties may involve assessing employee work quality, speaking with customers and providing reports and updates to more senior-level management. Because of the working hours of many cleaning jobs, you may be required to work some unsociable hours. Furthermore, working for a cleaning agency may involve moving between different sites in order to inspect work.

The majority of cleaning manager jobs will not require you to have any formal qualifications. However, because of the level of the position, you will be required to have considerable previous experience, often in a cleaning-related role such as cleaning supervisor. Cleaning supervisor employers will expect you to have a good understanding of the cleaning sector and healthy & safety, as well as be able to demonstrate strong managerial abilities.

In addition to having previous relevant experience, cleaning manager employers will be looking for the following skills:

Working as a cleaning manager will allow you to make a real difference to whether a company is successful or not. You will gain considerable experience which will help you move onto even more senior-level positions. From cleaning manager roles, you will be able to move onto regional and director roles.

The cleaning sector continues to grow in the UK, helping to create a growing number of cleaning manager employers and jobs. As such, long-term job security is good for people in this role. Regarding salaries, cleaning manager jobs often pay round £19,000 – £25,000. This will increase as you gain more experience and skills. Factors that affect your salary include location, size of your employer and the shifts you work.

Cleaning manager jobs can be a great stepping-stone to even higher-level positions. You will be given lots of responsibilities and have the chance to make a positive contribution to your company. The cleaning industry is growing and diverse, meaning you will likely have lots of opportunities to find work in a variety of different sectors.

However, cleaning manager jobs can be very demanding. You will likely have to work hard, including the possibility of working unsociable shift hours. You may have to still do some cleaning duties, but there will also be lots of administrative work to do. You will have to help your staff in various issues, whilst you may also have to be ‘on call’ and work across various locations.