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2 Cleaning Support Manager Jobs Found

Cleaning support manager jobs exist in many different sectors and locations around the UK. Furthermore, with the cleaning industry continuing to grow, there are an increasing number of people working in cleaning support manager jobs.

Employers can be found in both the public and private sectors, including everything from office blocks and high street shops to international hotel chains, prisons and hospitals. Keep reading to learn more about cleaning support manager jobs, including expected salary and career opportunities.

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Cleaning support manager jobs will involve a variety of duties, often mixed between managerial and general cleaning duties. Working as a cleaning support manager, you will likely spend a lot of your time assisting the cleaning manager in their duties, including creating rotas, staff training and ensuring work is performed to a satisfactory level.

Because cleaning support manager employers can be found in so many different working environments, your main tasks will vary. For example, working as a cleaning support manager for a hospital is likely to be different to working in a large office building. You will likely also have many opportunities to develop your managerial skills in this position. You may be expected to work shifts, including unsociable hours. In addition, you might have to move between different locations being cleaned by your employer.

There are no industry-specific qualification requirements for cleaning support manager jobs. However, you may be expected to have GCSEs in English and maths. What is more important to cleaning support manager employers is your previous experience and the skills you have. To be considered for cleaning support manager jobs, you will be required to have some previous experience in the cleaning industry. Many people working as a cleaning support manager move into the position from standard cleaner roles.

On top of your previous experience, you will be expected to be familiar with health & safety and other industry-specific regulations. In addition to your experience, cleaning support manager employers will be looking for candidates with the following:

  • Strong teamworking and interpersonal skills
  • Good admin & IT abilities
  • Determination and ability to multi-task

Cleaning support manager jobs offer great career prospects. The cleaning industry as a whole continues to grow in the UK, helping to create a growing number of cleaning support manager employers and jobs. You will be able to gain valuable skills and experience inn this role, which will serve as a great stepping-stone for more senior-level roles.

Once fully trained, you will be able to work in a variety of different sectors, enabling you more freedom in terms of choosing where and when you work. Starting salaries for cleaning support manager jobs are around £19,000 to £25,000, with this then increasing as you gain more experience. Some differences in salaries do exit, with some sectors and locations often offering higher wages, such as positions in London and other major UK cities.

Cleaning support manager jobs can provide valuable experience, skills and a good salary. The industry continues to grow, helping to create more jobs and improve long-term job security. You will be able to work in a variety of sectors and locations, as well as gain management experience that will help you develop even further.

However, cleaning support manager jobs can be demanding. You will be expected to help management in their duties, as well as work alongside cleaners under your charge when required. You may have to work unsociable shifts, including weekends and nights, as well as be responsible for many different duties.