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10 Cleaning Team Leader Jobs Found

Cleaning team leader jobs are becoming increasingly important as the cleaning industry in the UK continues to grow. The position is an important one and is often a vital link between a company’s cleaners and upper management. Cleaning team leader employers can be found in many different industries and in both the public and private sectors.

The role will involve a variety of duties, helping to create a dynamic and interesting working day. This means you could be working inside a hospital, office building or large hotel chain. As a team leader, you will be required to undertake various supervisory duties, including staff training, assigning work and carrying out staff performance reviews. Keep reading to learn more about cleaning team leader jobs, including required experience and qualification and expected salaries.

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Working as a cleaning team leader can be a great step forward in a career in cleaning. You will be required to perform a variety of managerial duties, sometimes combined with general cleaning tasks. Your tasks will include supervising a team of cleaners to ensure they carry out their daily duties. This will include assigning work, creating shift schedules, providing training and reviewing work regularly to ensure cleaning standards are met.

With cleaning team leader jobs existing in so many different industries, your tasks may vary a lot. For example, working in a large hotel will focus more on ensuring a large number of rooms are cleaned ready for guests. However, working in a sterile manufacturing environment, such as in food production, your duties will likely focus on providing concentrated cleaning in specific locations. Many cleaning team leader employers will expect you to work shifts, including unsociable hours such as early morning and late evenings.

You will not likely require any higher education qualifications other than GCSEs for most cleaning team leader jobs. Some positions may require diplomas in related areas such as health & safety, but in general, most cleaning team leader employers focus more on your experience. You will need a number of years of experience in a cleaning-related role to apply for cleaning team leader jobs. Furthermore, some sectors, such as deep cleaning, may want you to have experience in their industry.

You will need to be able to show a good understanding of cleaning techniques and related issues, as well as what managerial-level positions involve. Many people working as a cleaning team leader do so by working their way up from lower roles. You will also likely need to be able to display the following:

  • Determination and the ability to motivate others
  • Good IT and administrative skills
  • Ability to manage others, including reviewing performance
  • Strong interpersonal skills

Working as a cleaning team leader can provide good career prospects. You will already have worked in the industry and likely have seen for yourself the potential this industry has. You will be given the opportunity to show you management abilities and likely receive training in a number of areas.

All of this will enable you to further develop your career within an organisation or to use these skills to look for positions elsewhere. Cleaning team leader jobs have good job stability, and there are often many positions available across the UK. Starting salaries are between £19,000 and £25,000, whilst the size of your employer and their location will also affect how much you are paid.

Cleaning team leader jobs can provide job security, a good salary and lots of responsibility. You will likely work in a variety of different environments, and likely spend your time between an office and client premises. The role also has good career potential, with plenty of opportunities to further your career or move into other sectors.

On the negative side, cleaning team leader jobs can be hard work. You may be expected to work shifts, sometime split between mornings and evenings, as well as weekends. Starting salaries can be low, and you may need to work for a large-sized organisation in order to progress further.