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8 Cleaning Technician Jobs Found

Cleaning technician jobs can provide a good entrance point into the cleaning industry. The UK cleaning sector continues to grow, and as such there is usually good demand for people interested in working as a cleaning technician. The job involves a variety of duties and you could be working in any number of sectors. This could be anything from a national hotel chain to a client’s personal home.

You could also be working alone or as part of a large team. You will likely be expected to use a variety of cleaning products and machines and may also be required to regularly move between different locations. Read on to learn more about cleaning technician jobs, including expected salary and career prospects.

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Working as a cleaning technician can be a great position for people looking for an interesting and varied role. You could be working as part of a company’s internal cleaning team or for a cleaning agency with a large variety of different clients. Your working environment will determine your everyday duties. For example, working in a hotel will be very different to that of a large office block or hospital.

Whilst you may use different machinery and cleaning products, most cleaning technician employers will expect you to perform the following:

  • Vacuuming, dusting, sweeping of required areas/surfaces
  • Using machinery and other cleaning equipment
  • Emptying bins and following all recycling guidelines

Cleaning technician jobs often do not require any formal qualifications. Many roles are entry-level positions, with cleaning technician employers providing full on-the-job training. As such, cleaning technician jobs can be a great, simple way to being a career in cleaning.

Whilst qualifications are not required, cleaning technician employers will be looking for candidates with certain skill sets, including:

  • Determination and hard working
  • Able to closely follow instructions
  • Ability to work alone and as part of a team
  • Positive, flexible approach to work

Cleaning technician jobs can be a great stepping-stone towards a career in cleaning. You will be given lots of training in this position and be able to gain valuable skills and experience which you can use to develop further. The cleaning industry is strong, and you will therefore have good job security and many opportunities to develop further. Once fully trained and with some experience, you will be able to work towards more senior-level positions, such as cleaning supervisor and shift manager.

Salaries for cleaning technician jobs start around £16,000 to £19,000. As you develop and take on more responsibilities your salary will also increase. Wages will also depend on the sector you are working in and the location, with major cities such as London often offering higher salaries.

Working as a cleaning technician can offer great potential. You will receive lots of training and have the opportunity to work in a growing industry. Daily duties can often be different, helping to create an interesting working day. Promotion is often only dependent on your own abilities, making it the perfect role for people who want to work hard and be rewarded for it.

However, cleaning technician jobs can also be demanding. You will need to work hard and often work unsociable shifts, including nights and weekends. You will often be standing for long periods of your shift, and you may have to clean areas that require the use of PPE and other specialised equipment. Other negative issues include low starting salaries and the need to regularly move between different locations.