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Compliance and assurance assistant jobs can be found in many different industries. Furthermore, the sector continues to report a shortfall in skilled candidates, helping to create good demand for those with the relevant skills and experience.

Working as a compliance and assurance assistant involves working as part of a team to ensure an organisation/client remains compliant with all necessary regulations. This can be in relation to health & safety, ethical and manufacturing rules. A such, people working as a compliance and assurance assistant can be found in many different sectors. Read on to learn more about compliance and assurance assistant jobs, including expected salaries and promotion prospects.

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As compliance and assurance assistant jobs can be found in any different industries, what you will be doing on a day-to-day basis will likely differ depending on where you are working. However, as an assistant, you will likely be involved in helping senior members of a compliance team ensure a company/clients meet all compliance and assurance requirements.

Tasks will focus around performing audits and reviews of existing processes and making improvements and recommendations on these. You will likely receive your training ‘on the job’, and therefore you will be expected to learn quickly and get up to speed as quickly as possible.

The majority of compliance and assurance employers will not require you to have any qualifications or previous experience. This is because many compliance and assurance assistant jobs will feature extensive training. However, some companies may require qualifications or experience in a similar field to them, such as the finance and IT industries.

Whilst demand for skilled candidates remains high, becoming an assistant can be still competitive. As such, compliance and assurance assistant employers will still want candidates to show a variety of skill sets that are important for the role. These include:

  • Strong personality and sense of ethics
  • Attention to detail and ability to multi-task
  • Strong interpersonal skills and spoken and written communications


Compliance and assurance assistant jobs offer excellent career prospects. You will receive extensive training, as well as opportunities to achieve various professional qualifications. Once fully trained and with the relevant experience, you will be working in a sector that has seen significant growth. The role is in high demand, with positions found in many different industries in both the public and private sectors.

Because you will be working as an assistant, starting salaries can be low. However, you will be able to gain skills and experience that will ensure you wages rise as you develop. Salaries can vary depending on the size of the employer and industry they operate in. Average salaries for the position are between £16,000 – £22,000 during training. Once full trained, salaries will rise to £30,000, with senior compliance and assurance officers earning anything up to £55,000 and more.

Compliance and assurance assistant jobs will likely provide you with lots of valuable training and skills whilst still receiving a salary. Once fully trained, you will be entering an industry in which your skills are in high demand. You will be given lots of responsibility and opportunities to show your worth to a company, as well as work in a variety of different environments and with people from different backgrounds.

Regarding the negatives of working as a compliance and assurance assistant, starting salaries can be low. You will also likely be expected to work hard and learn quickly, which can be stressful. Long hours and increasing responsibilities can also be negative issues related to compliance and assurance assistant jobs.