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Compliance and controls analyst jobs have grown in numbers in recent years. Furthermore, the role can be found in a variety of different sectors. As such, there are often many jobs available across the UK. Working as a compliance and controls analyst involves a variety of duties centred around helping an organisation remain compliant with all necessary rules and regulations.

Compliance and controls analyst jobs can be found in everything from finance and IT to engineering and retail. Keep reading to learn more about compliance and controls analyst jobs, including expected salaries and likely promotion opportunities.

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With compliance and controls analyst employers existing in every industry and of differing size, daily duties can vary significantly. For example, working in IT is likely to be quite different to operating in logistics.

Compliance is an important issue, with failure often having very serious consequences for a company. As such, the role comes with lots of responsibilities and can be highly pressured at times. Whilst your duties will vary depending on your employer, you will likely be expected to perform some of the following:

  • Conducting and creating risk and control assessments
  • Creating reports and making recommendations to improve compliance and control
  • Introducing new compliance and control procedures and training staff about these

Qualification requirements for compliance and controls analyst jobs will likely depend on the sector you wish to enter. For example, industries such as finance and IT can often be highly specialised. As such, compliance and controls analyst employers in these sectors often demand qualifications in a relevant subject.

However, for many other sectors, such as manufacturing or retail, your personal skills and experience are often just ass important. Many people working as a compliance and controls analyst do so after working their way up to the position from other departments. In terms of desired skill sets, many compliance and controls analyst employers will look for the following:

  • Good written and spoken communications
  • Strong ethics and a determination to put compliance and controls issues before everything else
  • Excellent interpersonal and team working skills
  • Good attention to detail and ability to work on multiple tasks at once

Compliance and controls analyst jobs can provide good career prospects. The role is in high demand, meaning there will often many opportunities to progress or find new roles. Working as a compliance and controls analyst comes with a lot of responsibility. As such, the role has grown in importance, helping to create higher wages and improved promotion prospects. With compliance and control issues becoming vital to many industries, jobs now exist in both the public and private sectors across many different industries.

Salaries can vary for compliance and control analyst jobs, often depending on the sector and location of a company. Whilst starting salaries can be low, wages are generally good. You can expect to earn around £18,000 to £26,000 when starting out, depending on your experience and qualifications. However, with experience and professional qualifications, salaries can rise to £60,000 for senior-level compliance and control analyst roles.

Working as a compliance and controls analyst can provide an excellent career if you are hardworking and committed compliance issues, such as health & safety. You will become an important and valued member of a company, with your views and expertise often in high demand. Salaries can be high once you have the experience, and there will likely be many opportunities to develop within an organisation or seek new roles elsewhere.

However, compliance and controls analyst employers will demand a lot from you. You will be expected to be an expert in your field and remain up to date with all relevant regulations and rules. Furthermore, you will be likely be held responsible should anything go wrong, with breaches of compliance and control often resulting in serious consequences, such as large fines.