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17 Compliance Auditor Jobs Found

Compliance auditor jobs involve helping companies comply with all laws, regulations and best practices. This can be in anything from food production to finance. The compliance industry has grown in importance in recent years, with many organisations reporting a lack of qualified workers. Either alone or as part of a team, working as a compliance auditor will involve many different tasks centred around inspecting and improving practices to ensure a company remains compliant.

Compliance is now a very important aspect of many industries, with the role providing excellent salaries and career opportunities. Read on to learn about compliance auditor jobs, including required qualifications and expected wages.

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With compliance auditor employers found in industries ranging from legal and financial affairs to food and automobile production, specific duties can vary significantly. However, compliance auditor employers will expect you to do the following:

  • Keep a company compliant with all existing and new required rules and regulations
  • Perform detailed audits and risk assessments of a company’s practices and internal policies
  • Create reports and recommendations based on audit findings
  • Ensure all related paperwork and records are accurate and stored appropriately
  • Support other auditors in their tasks, including external audit teams

Whilst many people working as a compliance auditor do not have university degrees, an increasing number of employers are requiring candidates to have degrees, often in areas related to their specific sector. Industry-specific qualifications do exist and can be obtained through the International Compliance Association. Regardless of qualifications, you will also be expected to display a variety of skills for this role.

One of the most important skills is having high ethical standards. Your work and decisions must always stay true to ensuring compliance is met, regardless of possible pressure from others. You must also posses a strong understanding of compliance laws and regulations, including how they affect your employer. Other notable skills wanted by compliance auditor employers include:

  • Strong attention to detail and communication skills
  • Analysing skills
  • Good report making and presentation skills
  • Ability to work alone and as part of a team

Compliance auditor jobs can provide excellent career opportunities. The role is in high demand, and therefore, once you are qualified and have enough experience, you will often be able to choose from different positions. In addition, many of the skills you will acquire can be easily transferred to other sectors, such as cyber security or freelance roles. Senior auditor and regional management positions are the next step in your career, whilst you will also have the opportunity to specialise in areas such as consultancy.

Salaries will vary depending on your experience, area of speciality and the sector you are working in. For example, compliance auditor jobs in finance in London will pay more than those say those in retail in Manchester. Entry-level positions can pay anywhere between £18,000 – £35,000. More senior-level compliance auditor jobs can offer salaries up to £75,000 or more depending on the industry.

Compliance auditor jobs can involve working to tight deadlines and under a lot of pressure from others. You must be very precise in everything you do avoid mistakes that could have very serious consequences for a company. You will therefore be expected to always work to a very high level of quality and likely be held responsible should things go wrong.

The pros of working as a compliance auditor include being able to earn a good salary, having opportunities to develop your skills and have the chance to help make a real difference to the success of a company. The position is a respected one, and you will often work in a variety of different environments, including sometimes the chance to travel. The industry is growing and as such an increasing number of compliance auditor jobs can be found across the UK.