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Copywriter jobs can be found in a growing number of sectors. Thanks to the internet and digital revolution, there is a growing need for people with writing abilities to create interesting, appropriate content for companies. You could be working as part of a company’s internal marketing team, for a specialised marketing agency, or as a freelance writer. The role can be varied, with the type of content you be asking to write often changing regularly. You could be involved in blog writing, landing pages, product descriptions and press releases and similar external marketing content. The role can be office based or remote, with a growing number of companies now offering a combination of both. Kee reading to learn more about working as a copywriter, including expected salaries, duties and career opportunities.

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Copywriter jobs involve creating a variety of content for various purposes, including marketing and public relations. You will be expected to write in a professional manner, as well as create writing that is interesting to read and which meets the requirements of employers/clients. Social media and other digital media channels now mean that many copywriters are also referred to as digital copywriters or content creators. Whilst there are different job titles, general duties, that of writing, are the same. Common duties expected by copywriter employers include:

  • Taking briefs from supervisors/clients and creating conte on this
  • Ensure work is error-free and approved by any/related parties
  • Ensure writing follows employer/client requirements, including tone
  • Research writing topics
  • Help optimising content for SEO purposes
  • Edit and provide feedback on other’s writing

Many copywriting jobs will not require you to have a university degree. However, some copywriter employers may ask for a degree in a related subject, such as marketing or journalism. Some specialist sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, may require you to have a degree in a related subject. However, what is often more important to employers is your ability to write. You will therefore have to demonstrate writing abilities. This is often done through the creation of a portfolio highlighting your previous work. Relevant writing experience can include blog writing and web-copy.

Working as a copywriter can offer good career prospects. The role has grown in importance, with good demand for skilled writers. Copywriter jobs and employers exist in various sectors, including the public sector. Starting out as a junior copywriter, you will be able to move towards senior positions once you gain experience.

Senior-level roles may include the need to supervise a team of other writers, including freelancers. As you develop, copywriter employers will likely give you more responsibilities, including creating long-term content plans for an organisation. Salaries can vary significantly depending on the sector, with IT and pharmaceuticals often paying higher than other industries. Starting wages fall between £22,000 and £28,000, with this rising to £40,000 for senior-level copywriting jobs.

Working as a copywriter can offer some excellent benefits. If talented, your skills will likely be in high demand. The role can be creative, with daily duties varied and dynamic. You may have the opportunity to work in different sectors, whilst remote working is also becoming more common in this sector.

However, copywriter jobs can also be demanding. You will have sometimes to accept criticism of your work, as well as work to tight deadlines and heavy workloads. Other negative issues related to copywriter jobs include the need to work in front of a computer for long periods, low starting salaries and slow promotion routes.