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2,285 Customer Service Advisor Jobs Found

Customer service advisor jobs have grown in number as companies continue to prioritise good customer relations. The role can be found in many different industries, as well as both the public and private sectors. Many customer service advisor jobs are entry-level positions, making them a great way to enter the customer service industry. Positions can be found everywhere from offices and call centres to emergency services, with part-time, full-time and remote working now all options for people working as a customer service advisor. Keep reading to learn more about the job, including what qualifications and experience you will need, expected salary and what future career options there are.

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Customer service advisor jobs involve providing assistance to customers/the general public, on behalf of your employer. You could be working in a call centre providing IT assistance to customers or working in a hospital taking emergency calls and helping patients with appointments. With many companies now offering online assistance, you could also be speaking to customers via online chat. This has led to an increasing number of customer service advisor employers offering remote working.

You will need to learn about your employer and the goods/services they provide. You will also be expected to ensure all customer issues are brought to a satisfactory end. The role will likely involve creating and filing documents electronically, as well as following company guidelines regarding customer relations. You may be expected to speak to people over the phone, via email, face-to-face, video link or through online chat. Whilst many positions will focus on one area, such as only using telephones in call centre positions, many other customer service advisor employers will want you to use a variety of these formats.

Many customer service advisor jobs can be entered without a university degree. You will often only need to have GCSEs in English and maths. Some customer service advisor employers may require previous customer-service experience, whilst others in specialised sectors such as IT assistance, may require a degree in a related subject.

With many customer service advisor jobs being entry-level positions, you will likely receive extensive on-the-job training. This will include customer relations, how to operate technology/e-systems used by your employer and details of their services/goods. Working as a customer service advisor requires certain skills and personality traits, including

Customer service advisor jobs offer good career prospects. As many positions are entry-level, the role can be a great way to start your career. You will receive lots of training and experience in different areas. If you show promise, you will likely be given opportunities to apply for more senior-level roles, such as supervisor and management positions. F

Furthermore, the skills and experience you will gain can be easily used in other areas should you wish to change career. These can include human resources and marketing. With so many customer service advisor jobs often available, and at varying levels and in different industries, you will also have more freedom to choose a sector that is appealing to you.

Customer service advisor jobs can offer lower salaries at the beginning, ranging anything from £17,000 – £21,000 for entry-level positions. However, this can rise to £30,000+ for specialist areas and those with required qualifications and experience. Workloads can be heavy, speaking over the phone for long periods of the day and dealing with upset customers can also be problems for some.

The advantages to customer service advisor jobs include being given extensive training and gaining important skills and experience that will help you develop your career. Customer services is a growing industry and you can get real job satisfaction from helping customers with their problems. There are often many jobs to choose from, salaries will increase as you gain experience and you will also have good long-term job security.