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293 Customer Service Assistant Jobs Found

Customer service assistant jobs can be a great way to begin a career in a sector that continues to grow in the UK. Customer service roles can be found in many different industries as more and more companies stress the need or good client relations. Assistant roles are often entry level, requiring few qualifications or little previous experience.

Service assistant duties are varied and will of course largely depend on the sector and size of an employer. Therefore, you could be providing financial help to bank customers face to face or answering customer questions over the phone or via online chat. Part-time and full-time positions are common in this role, as are shifts. Keep reading for a full customer service assistant job description, including average salaries and working conditions.

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The role is likely to be fast paced, especially in sectors such as retail. You will likely be working in an office, but remote working opportunities are becoming more common. Whatever sector you are working in, the role will focus on helping solve customer issues. Therefore, you will need to remain professional at all times as you will be representing your employer.

As this is an entry-level position, you will be given lots of training in areas such as customer relations. You will also learn about the products/services your employer offers, as well as any electronic management systems they use. General duties associated with working as an assistant in customer services include ensuring customer enquiries are dealt with quickly and effectively. The role will also involve clerical duties, including creating electronic documents and ensuring customer records are accurate and up to date.

Many employers will not require you to have any qualifications for this role. However, some may insist you have GCSEs in subjects such as math and English. Therefore, customer service assistant jobs can be great for those without a university degree. Likewise, most employers will not insist you have previous customer relations experience. However, experience such as working in retail or serving customers will likely help your application.

As there are few qualification or experience requirements, customer service employers look for candidates with various skill sets and character traits. As you will be representing your employer, you will need to always remain professional and polite, even if a customer is not. For face-to-face positions, you will also likely need to be smart and well presented. Other customer assistant skills employers look for include:

  • Patience
  • Determination
  • Good written and spoken communications
  • Ability to work alone and as part of a larger team
  • Basic IT skills

Service assistant roles such as this can provide great long-term career prospects. The service industry continues to grow in the UK, with entry-level positions found in industries across the country. Apprentice positions will likely feature extensive training and the skills and experience you gain will be valuable for progression in this role. Promotion can occur quickly, and you will have many opportunities to progress within an organisation or move to a new job should you wish.

The average customer service assistant salary starts around £14,000 – £17,000. This can then rise to £22,000 once you have gained some experience. As you gain more skills and experience you may have the chance to move into more senior roles such as customer relations team leader, supervisor and management positions. Customer service manager positions offer salaries of roughly £30,000+. As with many roles, salaries do vary depending on factors such as the sector you work in, the size of an employer and the location you will be working in. For example, most customer service assistant jobs in London will pay more than in other UK cities.

Customer service assistant duties are varied, which can help create an interesting and fast-paced working day. You will gain valuable skills and knowledge that can be easily transferred to many different roles should you wish. Training is provided, and there remains good demand for experienced customer service professionals. Long-term job security and the opportunity to progress without the need for a university degree make this role perfect for many people.

However, dealing with customers can be stressful. You will be required to always remain professional and polite. You may need to work unsociable hours, including nights, Bank Holidays and weekends. Many roles also come with daily or weekly targets that must be met, which can be stressful. Furthermore, starting salaries can be low and slow to rise, particularly in sectors such as retail.