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68 Customer Service Specialist Jobs Found

Customer service specialist jobs involve helping customers make purchases and returns, as well as providing specialist advice. The role is often office-based, but you could also be working in a high street store, a call centre or even from your own home.
Service positions such as this often exist in many different industries, helping to create good long-term security and open up many new opportunities should you wish to change roles. The role often has many different names, with customer service officer and executive positions often featuring the same duties. Keep reading to learn how to become a customer service specialist, including expected salary and promotion opportunities.

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Customer service specialist duties and responsibilities are varied and will depend on the role you take. Private sector roles focus on assisting customers, whereas public sector roles may involve providing help to the General Public. Working environments include call centres and high street stores, whilst many companies are now letting individuals work from home. Because you will be given many responsibilities, you will likely receive extensive in-house training.

You will be involved in the entire customer service process. This will include everything from initial contact with customers to following up to ensure all issues are dealt with and concluded satisfactory. General duties associated with the role include logging complaints and ensuring customer records are up-to-date and accurate. As you advance you may become more involved in improving processes and training new starters.

Most entry-level specialist positions do not require you to have any specific qualifications or skills. However, some roles in areas such as emergency services or legal affairs may need you to have qualifications in a related subject. Furthermore, customer service specialist apprenticeship opportunities exist with large companies. Any previous experience you have dealing with customers will likely help your application. This can include working in a retail shop or café. A customer service specialist job description will vary significantly depending on the sector you work in. However, general skills that employers will look for, include:

  • Good communication skills
  • Professional, positive and patient attitude
  • Understanding of good customer service
  • Organised and able to multitask

Customer service specialist jobs exist in many different industries and locations around the UK. As such, there are often many job openings and opportunities to work. You will receive lots of training and likely given opportunities to progress to more senior level positions if you show talent for the role. Specialist sectors exist, as do industry-specific qualifications that can further help you develop a career in customer services.

Wages can vary a lot in this role, with some sectors such as IT and finance often paying more than roles in retail or communications. The average customer specialist salary begins around £15,000 – £18,000 for entry-level positions. Salaries can then rise to £27,000 for senior customer service specialists. From here, team, department and regional positions are available. These will often involve lots of managerial duties, with salaries rising to £40,000+.

Customer service positions are becoming more important to companies. Therefore, many roles now offer good salaries, working conditions and opportunities to develop professionally. Working environments are improving and the position now offers benefits such as long-term security. Salaries can be good once you gain experience and the role is often interesting and dynamic.

However, starting salaries can be low and slow to increase in sectors such as retail. Dealing with customers can be stressful, whilst many roles will require you to work unsociable hours, including weekends. Some roles can be repetitive, which can become boring, whilst taking all day on the telephone can also be difficult for some people.