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Developer jobs have grown in importance as software continues to influence many aspects of business. Working as a developer can involve creating everything from computer games to complex network control systems. You will be responsible for building the sites and processes people see and use online.

Demand for computer software continues to increase, helping to create an increasing number of developer jobs. The role is an interesting combination of technical and creative tasks, with problem solving and analytical skills important for those working as a developer. Read on to learn more about developer jobs, including required qualifications, expected salaries and career prospects.

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Developer jobs will involve a variety of tasks, and your working day is likely to be busy. Your main duties will focus on writing and testing new and existing code. Working as part of a team, you will help in researching, designing and writing software and computer operating programs, such as businesses applications.

You will also be expected to analyse software and systems, as well as improve existing programs and ensure all new and existing software and platforms integrate. Other tasks may include:

  • Develop technical specifications and operational documents
  • Monitor systems and making corrections when required
  • Working closely with people from a variety of departments and with different skill sets

Most developer employers will require you to have certain qualifications and skill sets. You will normally require a university degree in a subject such as computer science, information systems or software engineering. Other routes to this role do exist, including diplomas and other professional qualifications which do not take as long as a university degree and which many developer employers will still consider.

Some developer jobs will want you to have previous developer experience, with some such as those in finance wanting your experience to be in a similar field. You will likely be expected to show experience of debugging and multi-core CPU or SMP, as well as knowledge of programming languages such as C++. Working as a developer can be demanding, therefore employers also often look for candidates to demonstrate the following skill sets:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Team working abilities
  • Strong written and spoken communication skills
  • Hard working with a good attention to detail

There can be excellent career prospects for people working as a developer. The role has become increasingly important in a growing number of industries as demand for computer software increases. Therefore, your skills will likely be highly sought after, and the position should provide good long-term job security. Entry-level developer jobs often involve working under supervision for a couple of years. Following this, you will likely be given bigger responsibilities and working at a much higher technical level. Promotion to more senior-level positions is possible after around five years, and involves supervising a team of developers, both on day-to-day issues and special projects.

Whilst many people working as a developer remain in this role, there are also opportunities to expand and change your role. Technical writing, IT training and software architecture are just some of the many other areas you could move into should you wish a change of career. Average salaries for developer jobs will vary depending on the employer, your experience and the specifics of a role. However, developer employers generally offer starting salaries of round £26,000, with this rising to £70,000 for more senior-level positions.

Working as a developer can be a rewarding career. Your skills will be in demand and there will often many developer employers in need of staff. You will be given lots of responsibility and the opportunity to make a real difference to a company. Salaries are above the national average and you will have the chance to move into more senior positions.

However, you will likely be busy in your day-to-day duties. You will have to work to tight deadlines and maybe expected to work extra hours during important projects. You will be considered an expert in your area, and therefore expected to always provide solutions. You will have to stay up to date with developments and new software, as well as be able to work with people from every level of an organisation.