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66 Digital Marketer Jobs Found

Digital marketer jobs continue to grow in importance. The role involves conducting marketing activities through a variety of digital channels. You will be responsible for planning and carrying out a range of marketing activities, as well as measuring their success and reporting this to senior members. You could be working for a specialised digital marketing agency, or as part of a company’s internal marketing team. Working as a digital marketer will involve a variety of duties, and the role can be dynamic and exciting at times. Keep reading to learn more about working as a digital marketer, including salaries and career development.

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Digital marketer jobs exist in various industries. As such, duties can vary depending on a specific role. For example, you may be working for a specialised marketing agency, conducting digital marketing for clients across various industries. Likewise, you could be part of a company’s marketing team, tasked with the digital aspects of general marketing duties. Digital marketer jobs are often office based. However, there are growing opportunities to work remotely.

Working as a digital market will involve helping to design, create and measure digital marketing activities. You will likely be involved in creating content for such campaigns, including social media posts and blogs. Digital marketer employers will expect you to carry out the following duties:

  • Help create and perform online digital marketing campaigns
  • Measure these campaigns and report results to upper management
  • Help perform and measure competitor/client marketing analysis
  • Use data analytics to produce effective content/campaigns

For entry-level digital marketer jobs, most employers will expect you to have a university degree, likely in a related field, such as marketing or communications. It is possible to begin working as a digital marketer, however, you will have to prove you have the skills required for the role. This is likely to include running your own website/blog or running an online campaign.

In terms of skills useful for digital marketer jobs, employers will look for candidates with the following abilities:

  • Strong understanding of marketing and various digital media platforms
  • Good spoken and written communications skills
  • Strong IT and comfortable using various social media platforms
  • Ability to multi-task and a strong attention to detail
  • Creativity, determination and a fast learner

Digital marketer jobs can offer excellent career prospects. The digital marketing industry continues to grow, and there are often many entry-level positions and opportunities to progress further once you have the experience. Working as a digital marketer can lead to senior positions, such as senior digital marketer and digital marketer manager.

There are a variety of professional diplomas and qualifications that can help you progress, such as those offered by the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Entry-level digital marketer jobs salaries begin around £18,000 – £22,000. This then rises to £30,000 – £45,000 for more senior-level positions. Wages are also dependent on which sector you work in and location, with digital marketer roles in London often featuring higher salaries than other UK locations.

Working as a digital marketer can be very rewarding. The role is creative, dynamic and varied. You will have lots of different duties and the opportunity to produce creative work. Salaries can be good and if you show talent, there are excellent long-term career opportunities.

However, digital marketer jobs can also be demanding. You will have to perform many duties and likely have heavy workloads and tight deadlines. Agency work can involve demanding clients and the role can also be competitive and fast paced.