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Digital marketing director jobs involve a lot of responsibilities and can offer excellent career opportunities. As director, you will likely be in charge of a team of marketing professional and expected to take the lead in all projects, including assigning work to team members and evaluating performances.

You will need extensive digital marketing experience for the role, including management experience and evidence of previous marketing successes. Keep reading to learn more about working as a digital marketing director, including employer and salary expectations.

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Working as a digital marketer director will be demanding and involve many different duties and responsibilities. Your time will likely be split between marketing and managerial duties. For marketing, you will be expected to take the lead in developing campaigns and maintaining relations with all involved parties, including clients and senior management. You may also be expected to attend conferences and visit clients at their premises.

Digital marketer director employers will also expect you to perform managerial duties, including taking initial client/management briefs, hiring/firing staff members and ensuring work is always of an acceptable standard. In terms of duties, working as a digital marketer director may also involve:

  • Develop and maintain relations with clients
  • Look for opportunities for new clients/markets
  • Ensure team members regularly perform to acceptable level
  • Ensure work produced remains up to date with latest trends and technology

You will need a mixture of qualifications and experience to apply for digital marketing director jobs. Firstly, you will already likely have a degree in a related subject. Furthermore, post-graduate qualifications, such as marketing and management diplomas will also be helpful for digital marketing director jobs. Secondly, you will need to demonstrate considerable digital marketing experience, likely to be at least ten-years in a similar role. In addition, some digital marketing director employers will require you to have experience in a specific sector, such as retail or finance.

In terms of desirable skill sets for digital marketing director jobs, employers will be looking for candidates who can display the following:

  • Excellent managerial abilities in terms of team building/motivation
  • Strong communicator and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Good industry contacts, including media and thought leaders

Working as a digital marketing director is a very senior position and you will be given lots of responsibilities by employers. You will also be held responsible if things do not go well, such as poor campaign performances or clients leaving. In terms of promotion from this role, senior managerial and director positions may become available, as well as the opportunity to run bigger teams/agencies.

Salaries for this role will vary depending on sector and size of employer, as well as your own experience and skills. However, average salaries for digital marketing director jobs are between £50,000 – £60,000, with this likely to be more for large-sized employers and positions based in London.

Working as a digital marketing director, you will be given lots of important responsibilities and have the opportunity to make a real difference to a company, your clients. You will be able to shape the director of overall marketing activities and help mentor and develop junior members. Salaries are good, and there are often many additional perks, such as remote working, bonuses and strong pensions.

However, digital marketing director jobs will also be demanding. You will have to take charge of every aspect of marketing, including adhering to budgets and ensuring staff performance and work is of acceptable quality. You will likely be expected to travel, work additional hours and deal with all staff issues, including personal problems.