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Working as a digital marketing head is a senior-level position involving many different responsibilities. Digital marketing head jobs involve the overall running and management of a marketing team/department. This can be done either as part of an organisation or for a specialised digital marketing agency. The role will involve a mixture of digital marketing duties, staff management and customer relations.

You will need extensive digital marketing expertise for the role, including management experience and evidence of previous marketing successes. Keep reading to learn more about working as a digital marketing director, including employer and salary expectations.

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Digital marketing head jobs will involve many different duties and your workload will likely be heavy and varied. Depending on the size of a company and your team, you will likely be taking the lead across many different marketing areas. You will be responsible for the overall direction of digital marketing and as well as ensuring briefs and budgets are adhered to. Your duties will also involve dealing with staffing issues, including assigning work and assessing performance.

Digital marketing head employers will also expect you to provide regular updates and reports to senior management, as well as nurture relations with existing clients/third parties. If working for a marketing agency, your duties will involve looking for new clients and markets. Customer relations is a big part of agency work, and as head, you will likely spend a lot of your time ensuring clients remain happy.

Because this role is high level, digital marketing head employers will likely expect a mixture of qualifications and relevant experience. In terms of qualifications, this will likely be a degree, and possible a post-graduate diploma. However, at this level, your previous experience is going to be the most important factor for digital marketing head jobs.

You will likely need at least ten-years digital marketing experience to be considered for a head role, however, this will depend on the size of the company, and may be much more or less. You will need to demonstrate excellent management abilities, knowledge of digital marketing and past successes. You may also be required to have specific experience in a particular sector, such as IT, depending on the role.

With digital marketing head jobs being such senior-level positions, further career prospects will depend on various factors. First, you could seek to move to a big company/agency, which would provide further responsibilities and rewards.

You could also seek to move towards more general marketing role, where you will have overall control of all marketing, not just digital. Salaries for digital marketing head jobs will depend on the size of a company and their sector and location. However, average salaries fall around £50,000, with this increasing and decreasing depending on the factors just stated.

Working as a digital marketing head can be very rewarding. You will be in a position of real responsibility and be given the chance to make a real difference to the success of your employer. Salaries can be high, there will be opportunities to move even further in your career and you will likely have opportunities to travel and have other perks.

However, digital marketing head jobs can also be very demanding. You will need to deal with many issues on a daily basis, with you ultimately responsible for many different areas, including hiring and firing of staff and dealing with clients directly. You will need to remain an expert in your field and likely work long hours when required.