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16 Digital Marketing Officer Jobs Found

Digital marketing continues to grow as more and more companies develop their online activities. As such, there are often many digital marketing officer jobs available, with roles available in both public and private sectors, as well as internally with companies or externally with specialised marketing agencies.

Duties will focus on online marketing, including digital campaigns, social media, blogs and website development. Digital marketing officer employers will be looking for candidates with strong digital abilities, as well as strong written and design skills. Keep reading to learn more about working as a digital marketing officer, including expected salaries and career development opportunities.

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Digital marketing officer jobs involve many different duties related to creating, conducting and analysing online marketing campaigns. You could be working on one company’s particular products/services or for a marketing agency, conducting campaigns for many different clients. Digital marketing officer employers will expect you to help produce and publish a variety of content, including blogs, videos, email campaigns and social media postings.

Whilst specific duties will differ depending on the size of the team you are working with and your own particular skill sets, general duties involved in digital marketing officer jobs will include:

  • Researching digital media channels, relevant markets/customers and competitors
  • Analysing current marketing activities and providing assessments/recommendations
  • Interacting with clients and other relevant third-party groups
  • Staying up to date with latest trends, digital channels

You will likely be required to have a university degree for many digital marketing officer jobs. Useful degrees include those in marketing, business and communications, whilst degree in engineering/medical fields may also be accepted by companies operating in these sectors. It is possible to enter the role without a university degree, but you will have to demonstrate strong digital abilities, such as running a successful blog or YouTube channel. Some marketing diplomas do exist that may be accepted by employers, as well as HNDs.

In addition to qualifications, digital marketing officer employers will be looking for candidates with a good understanding of digital marketing and the ability to produce quality content across a variety of digital medial channels. Desirable character traits for digital marketing officer jobs include:

  • Determination and hard working
  • Excellent communicator
  • Strong IT, social media and multi-tasking skills
  • Able to take criticism and use it to improve

Working as a digital marketing officer offers excellent career prospects. The industry continues to grow and there is strong demand for individuals with the relevant skill sets and qualifications. Many digital marketing officer jobs are entry-level, meaning you will receive extensive on-the-job training. Once you have gained experience and shown talent, you will likely be given more responsibilities and the opportunity to move towards more senior-level roles. These include supervisor and manager-level positions.

Starting salaries for digital marketing officer jobs are around £18,000 – £22,000. After you have gained some experience, salaries raise to between £22,000 – £30,000, with this rising to £45,000+ for manager-level roles. Salaries will also depend on the size of an employer, the sector they operate in and the location, with specialised digital marketing officer jobs in London often paying higher than similar positions in other UK cities.

There are a lot of advantages to working as a digital marketing officer. The role remains in demand, providing good long-term job security. Once experienced, you will also be able to work in many different sectors. Salaries are generally good, the work is varied and creative, and you may have the chance to travel.

However, digital marketing officer employers can be demanding. You will likely have a heavy workload, be required to work unsociable hours at times, and be very flexible in the duties you carry out. If working for an agency, clients can be demanding, and you will also need to remain up to date with all the latest trends and digital marketing techniques.