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98 Ecommerce Manager Jobs Found

Ecommerce manager jobs involve the management of sales and promotion of products/services on the internet. You will be responsible for researching, creating, conducting and evaluating marketing campaigns. You will likely be in charge of a team of sales/marketing professionals, with the size of the team depending on the sector and size of a business.

The role can be demanding, with you expected to produce visible results on a regular basis. Ecommerce manager jobs remain in good demand across the UK. The role can now be found across many different sectors and offers excellent long-term job security and development. Keep reading to learn how to become an ecommerce manager, including required qualifications and experience.

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An ecommerce manager job description can be varied, with duties covering many different roles. You will either be working internally for a business or for a specialised marketing agency, which will involve providing ecommerce expertise for clients in many different industries. As a manager, your role will also involve general managerial duties, such as providing training, hiring new team members and allocating work/projects to others.

Digital marketing covers many different online channels, and you will be expected to keep up to date with the latest trends in all of these. General duties associated with working as an ecommerce manager include:

  • Conducting market research and providing presentations to upper management
  • Reviewing current practices and markets to look for improvements/new sales opportunities
  • Making business decisions regarding promotions and campaign budgets
  • Reviewing market trends/competitor activities
  • Reviewing staff performance and providing training/promotion when required

Ecommerce manager jobs will require you to have previous experience and some recognised qualification. The most common route to working in ecommerce is through studying for a university degree in a related subject, such as an ecommerce manager course, or those in marketing, digital marketing and retail management. There are also apprentice opportunities for those without a degree. However, such opportunities are becoming rarer and more competitive because of the growing importance of ecommerce for modern businesses.

Some large agencies and businesses offer graduate programs will provide an excellent opportunity to learn important skills and gain valuable experience whilst also being paid. In addition to qualification requirements, you will be required to have at least five-years of relevant marketing experience. Ecommerce manager skills desired by hirers include:

  • Good business sense and strong sales skills
  • Good understanding of ecommerce channels and how these can be optimised
  • Ability to translate complex information into easy-to-understand data
  • Strong leadership and team motivation skills
  • Creative and ability to come up with new ideas

Ecommerce manager jobs can provide excellent career prospects. As ecommerce becomes more important, the role has grown in demand. As such, there are often many opportunities to enter ecommerce in many different industries and locations across the UK. Once you become qualified and have the relevant experience, there will likely be many opportunities to develop your career. This can include more senior-level positions such as regional and national sales management positions. You may also have the chance to set up your own company or work freelance as an e-commerce consultant.

The average ecommerce manager salary is higher than the national average. Furthermore, salaries can rise significantly once you move into more senior roles. Starting salaries are around £25,000, with this rising to £50,000+ for sales director-level roles. Salaries can also vary depending on the sector and location you work in, with large agencies in London often amongst the highest payers in the UK.

Ecommerce jobs can be demanding but also rewarding. The role is varied, with you expected to undertake many different duties, including visiting clients and attending conferences. This can help to create an exciting working day. Furthermore, the role requires you to be creative and lead others, which can help you develop both personally and professionally. Salaries are good and the role offers excellent long-term job stability.

However, working in ecommerce can also be stressful. Your workload is likely to be high and you may be required to work outside of normal office hours. The role is results driven, and you will therefore be expected to produce positive results on a regular basis. You will also need to stay up to date with market trends and marketing strategies and be expected to conduct lots of research and give presentations to senior managers on your findings.